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Scale factor, Price per meter

A rectangular display, with the dimensions 3m by 4m, shows the layout for Trout River conservation area. The display was created using a scale of 1:150. It costs the state $0.65m2 to maintain Trout... more
Scale Factor Math Algebra 1 Geometry


Edwin drew a scale drawing of a community college. He used the scale 5 millimeters = 10 meters. What is the drawing's scale factor?

Simplify the answer and write it as a ratio, using a colon.


A size transformation with a center of Q(1, -1) maps B (3,-7) B' (7, -19). Find the scale factor. Show work.

Not sure how to approach this problem

whats the scale factor if these polygons are proportional?

please answer in a format like: prop, s.f.= 1:4    1. A = 2, 6, 8, 9 B = 4, 12, 16, 18   2. A = 2, 3, 6, 10 B= 6, 9, 18, 30   3. A = 7, 10, 14, 15 B = 17.5, 25, 35, 37.5   4. A = 4, 4, 5, 6... more
Scale Factor


The hallway is 5 feet long. It is 4 inches long in the drawing. What is the drawing factor

The hallway is 5 feet long. It is 4 inches long in the drawing. What is the drawing scale factor.
Scale Factor


how to find scale factor of 1 inch = 4 feet drawing

The picture is a train that had the description of 1 inch = 4 feet and I have to find the scale factor of it 
Scale Factor


A model car is 5 inches long.The actual length of the car is 15 feet.A=What is the scale of the model car?

How many times longer is the actual car than the model car?
Scale Factor


If the rectangle is enlarged by a scale factor of 2.5, what will be the area of the enlarged rectangle?

if the rectangle is enlarged by a  scale factor of 2.5 then what will be the area of the rectangle 
Scale Factor


what was the error the student made in the scale factor

whats the error? A student is asked to find the scale factor that relates a 10 in. scale model to a 45 ft building. She solves the problem by writing 10in/45ft= 2/9=1/4.5. What error did the... more
Scale Factor


scale factor

Im confused on scale factor. If I have a scale factor of 3 between 2 triangles A being the larger and B being the smaller. Then if they ask for scale from A to B it is 1/3. But, if I were to use... more
Scale Factor


the scale of a map is 1 inch=70 miles.

if two cities are 5 1/5 inches apart on the map,how many miles apart are they?
Scale Factor


What is the scale factor of the scale 1/4 in = 2 ft?

try to explain how you got your answer
Scale Factor


What is the scale factor of 6ft=2 in

I don't understand scale factor and I need help


Find scale factor that compares new surface are to original box and scale factor used to reduce original packaging

A company that makes cookies and crackers wants to reduce there packaging by 25% l. The products are sold in a box shaped like a rectangular prism measuring 25cm by 20cm by 12cm. A) what scale... more
Scale Factor


helpp me with scale factor

on a blueprint, the area of a basketball court is 58 square inches.    A. If the scale on the blueprint is 1 inch : 9 feet, what is the actual area of the basketball court?  B. If the length of... more


if all the dimensions of a rectangular prism are multiplied by 2 by what factor would the surface area change?

How do I figure this out and how do I do it ?
Scale Factor


scale factor given shape

A person is 6 ft tall an action figure is built to a scale factor of 1/12 how tall is the action figure 
Scale Factor Geometry


perimeter of a square is 48cm. if the square is dilated by scale factor 0.75, what is the area of the new square

perimeter of a square is 48cm. if the square is dilated by scale factor 0.75, what is the area of the new square
Scale Factor


Need help in finding the scale factor of a building floor without any scale factor nor any other measurements other than the actual one

Paper given- 8.5 inches by 13 Actual Measurements (of building) 20 meters by 100 What I need help in: -Finding possible scale factors that would help maximize the paper size  -Measurements in... more

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