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Need clarification on the use of than and then

In the sentence "If you think that post is coherent, than you are either drinking or need help". One person says a comparison is being made. As such, the rules for than/then apply and the word... more


permits increase to pay for road improvements

Where is the tensed verb and what kind of verb is it?Passive transitiveActive transitiveLinkingintransitive


May be it will be helpful for them. Here can I use the word 'be' after will as I already used be after may?

May be it will be helpful for them. Here can I use the word 'be' after will as I already used be after may?


Circle the nouns in following sentences

1. Canada is the Northern neighbor of the united states.2. The country has two official languages.3. Both French and English are spoken there.4. Many different people form the population.5.... more


Grammar Question

which makes grammatical sense? Or do both?Loyalty out values everythingLoyalty outvalues everything


Is "tu" and "usted" the same thing?

Many people struggle with the difference between "tu" or "usted". This is something people find hard to identify which apply to who.


Rewrite the sentence with the pronoun you as the subject.

The sentence is (We work at a great company)
Grammar Writing


Which style of writing is NOT allowed in elementary or secondary schools?

First, second, or third person?


Correct this sentence

The boy gobbled down the pancakes and drank his milk and went to his room to get ready for school


FANBOYS are hard!

Greetings. I have a sentence in my narrative that I am unsure about. The sentence is: "I've been transported into my favorite fictional universe, but at what cost?" . "At what cost" is not an... more


Is this sentence grammatically correct?

My little brother wrote an essay and sent it in to his school website. The essays are student-reviewed, and the girl who reviewed his essay claimed that the following sentence was a run-on... more


Find the next two terms of sequence

U0 = 1U1 =3And Un is defined by Un+2 = 2 * Un+1 + 3 * UnFind the next two terms
Grammar English


Can why and how have the same answer sometimes?

Can why and how have the same answer? Being that why means for what reason, cause, or purpose; couldn’t how something happened mean what caused it to happen or the reason it happened? Therefore the... more
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In this sentence what is to be done "within seven days"? Explain grammatically.

Except when required by state law to take immediately before a district judge a person arrested for violation of any provision of this chapter, including any rule adopted pursuant to this chapter,... more

As it relates to item G below, does the grammar and sentence structure require that an "Open Air Storage" must comply with all 3 of the requirements listed?

G. An Open Air Business or Open Air Storage which involves hazardous materials shall comply with the following requirements, in addition to the foregoing: 1. No Open Air Business involving... more


What is the Difference between Demanstravie Adjective vs Demanstrative Determiner

Example : This book is mine. in this sentence Is "this" is adjective or determiner ? and also explain difference between other type of adjective and determiner


Appositive Phrases

Could the following sentence be determined as an appositive phrase?"Each programming language, such as Java, Python, Ruby, and HTML, has their own functionality and rules that can accomplish truck... more
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How do you check the use of strong transitions in an essay?

The use of transitions.
Grammar Articles


This is elephant (an,a,the)


Writing Style and Usage

Is it OK to use the term, "etc." when writing lists of people?
Grammar Correct Grammer


Which is right grammer

Which is the correct grammar l wears white diamonds or l wear white diamonds?
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what is subject and simple predicate in the sentence "Most girls love to dress-up"?

I had a debut with colleague to identify simple predicate in above sentence. He is strong about "love" and I was hold on "to dress-up". Which one is right since "to love" and "to dress-up" both can... more


Can you please correct my sentence?

As discussed with you on Email, we have configured system on theCloud and it is reachable now.Kindly let us know once the system: X is ready for the for the configurationso that we can perform the... more


Is there any hard and fast rule for placing a coordinate adjective that is modified by an adverb first in a set or series of such adjectives?

For example, I want to describe a special type of fire. I could say, "Extremely hot, flowing yellowish-green flames began to come off of the wood," or I could say, "Flowing, extremely hot... more

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