Anna R.

asked • 12/01/12

explain why the negation of an if then statement can not be an if then statement

This is about negations of if then statements and why they can't be if then statements.

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Robert B. answered • 12/01/12

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Anna R.

Yeah that helps a lot! Thanks so much!!



Robert B.


Your welcome!

Logic & Proof was one of my favorite courses.

Learning that "If [falsehood], then [anything]." was a logically true statement showed me how strangely entertaining math can be.

I also liked that the word "truer" has no place in logic.  I like words, with a few exceptions.  That one has always bothered me though. :)




Sharon B.

Robert,this is just to let you know that your spelling of,"Your" should be,"You're welcome!"  A lot of people get this wrong.  Examples: Is that your car? and You're late! You're means you are.



Juan N. answered • 07/07/15

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Marc P.

Your third sentence should be: "If I had run, I would have coughed." (The last word needs to be a past participle.) Also, the last sentence in your answer should begin: "If I didn't use to play soccer as a kid . . ." (The auxiliary verb "do" precedes a bare infinitive when negating.)


Corey L. answered • 01/28/13

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