Christian D.

asked • 08/13/22

Use of commas and "or"

Looking to Understand the meaning of this sentence.

In the following sentence listed below, is the phrase of "where the focus is on consultation and not mere assistance acquiring particular travel documents" also attached/required of immigration lawyers or rather is it just attached to immigration consultants? Or something else?

The following professional services are not restricted by this policy: tax preparation services, legal services, business-to-business (B2B) / enterprise services, immigration lawyers or immigration consultants where the focus is on consultation and not mere assistance acquiring particular travel documents.

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Dash M. answered • 08/16/22

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Science Educator - Middle School/ High School/ College

Christian D.

But if both are included it would not be a sentence. But this wording has a noun, verb, and most importantly a period. Wouldn't a conjunctive of "and" or "or" need to be placed between "enterprise services, immigration lawyers"? Otherwise, it's just a series of items, and shouldn't a series of items have a conjunctive between the last two items?


Christian D.

When combining any series of items in a sentence, isn't a conjunction of “and” or “or” always used between the final two items?


Dash M.

That would depend on the author's intent. If the author wanted to indicate that all the preceding noun phrases were to be modified by the relative clause, a comma would be needed after immigration lawyers to delineate the last two nouns as sequential items of a list. However, without the comma, the syntactic structure would then suggest that the use of 'or' as a linking conjunct modifies only those last two noun phrases and not the preceding.


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