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URGENT- Please help me with this earth science question.

How do ocean currents affect temperature? Check all that apply. They carry cold water from the poles to the equator and cool air over land. They flow north and then south below the equator. They... more
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why is the adhesion of water important

Earth Science Geology


Which of the following describes chert?

A. This sedimentary rock was deposited in an ancient desert.B. This rock is volcanic in origin.C. This metamorphic rock was recrystallized from an ancient limestone.D. This was formed from a single... more
Earth Science Geology


On the small peninsula along the coast of the Bay of Ice in the southern portion of the linked geologic map, what kind of contact exists between RU 13 and the granite in this peninsula?

a. an intrusive contact b. a conformable depositional contact c. a nonconformity d. a disconformity e. an angular... more
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Pre- calc question

5. Prehistoric cave paintings were discovered in a cave. The paint contained 30% of the original carbon-14. The decay rate for carbon-14 is −0.000121. Estimate the age of the paintings.
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the crater that killed the dinosaurs

Explain in detailWhat is Chicxulub crater?What are the Volcanic eruption, earthquake, tsunami or meteor impact had happened and their impact on Chicxulub crater?
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what is they of the cause/problem of Climate change 5 sentence

The cause: what is Climate change? That you care With a 5 sentence explanation of the cause/problem.


Need help with answering a biology question

Do individual animals have the same dietary needs every single day of the year? Why or why not?


How Do Energy Inequalities Occur and What is the Importance of Storms to Earth's Atmosphere?

How do energy inequalities occur, and what are the results relative to the circulation of the atmosphere? What are storms overall, and why are they an important part of Earth’s atmosphere system?
Earth Science Physical Science


The Gaia Hypothesis

What are the merits and pitfalls of the Gaia Hypothesis? Does this hypothesis have merit? Does Earth and its spheres change over time?
Earth Science


Energy Inequalities, Earth's Atmosphere and Storms

How do energy inequalities occur? What are the results relative to the circulation of the atmosphere? What are storms overall, and why are they an important part of Earth’s atmosphere system?
Earth Science Geology


where would the shoreline be after rapid melting of the Antarctic ice sheets?

Considering the shoreline (sea level) as it is today, where would the shoreline be after quick melting of the ice sheets? They would rise immediately, but what about in more time?Specifically, in... more
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How do you calculate approximate sea level rise if the entire east and west Antarctic ice sheets melted?

The Antarctic ice sheets (East and West) have a combined area of 13.9 million km2 and a total estimated volume of 26.5 million km3. If both ice sheets completely melted, the 26.5 million km3 of ice... more

How to find the direction of a longshore current when given the direction in which waves strike the beach and the directions the beach runs to/from?

Brought to you by my science teacher who didn't teach us about longshore currents, let alone how to calculate the direction of them from this information. The exact question is "When waves from the... more

What makes an ecosystem?

How are natural (occuring in nature, not "man" or artificially comprised) ecosystems defined? What characteristics make up an ecosystem? What is the purpose/function of an ecosystem, and what... more
Earth Science



Describe the pattern of precipitation in terms of yearly amount and seasonality? Please give the explanation and the answer. Here is the graph:
Earth Science Biology


what happens in a photic part of a body of water ?

Earth Science Chemistry


Give an example of energy being lost as heat.

I need this by tomorrow, 9:50, Thursday, January 16, 2020

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