Imogen D.

asked • 10/09/21

Why F1 generation predictions are identical and dominate though literal results can be different?

In my genetics unit, I am doing a major assignment on the F1 and F2 generations of canola plants, looking at the two traits of stem colour and plant height.

We made predictions about the F1 and F2 generations and then compared them to the plants we grew. While I understand why and am able to explain how the phenotypes of the F2 generations differed slightly from the predictions, I cannot explain the F1 generation.

As the parents are homozygous dominant for one trait and recessive for the other, all offspring genotypes were "TtPp' meaning all phenotypes should be dominant. However, only 74.07% presented as such in the plants we grew.

Are there any theories, reasons or resources I could use to explain a 26% difference?

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Bruce P. answered • 10/11/21

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20+ year college biology/genetics teacher; I want you to understand.

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