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When to pronounce “s” at the end of words?

For instance, “*vous*” has a silent “*s*”, unless it's something like “*Je vous ai vu.*” (I'm not sure that I constructed that properly, but you get the point — the *s* is pronounced in that... more


Is there a liaison in the sentence "je suis américain"?

I heard the sentence “je suis desolé” read by a native audio program flashcard app as just “*je–suis–désolé*”, but then I listened to another one with “suis” in it: “je suis américain” and am I... more


Do you pronounce the "t" in "comment allez-vous"?

In the flashcard app I'm using the native audio pronounces it as "comment TALLEZ vous"...the "comment" runs into the "allez". Is that right? Is there a rule to it? Or can we pronounce it as just... more


Prononciation de « des amis » et « deux amis »?

Pour un étranger, «des amis» et «deux amis» sont identiques avec la liaison. Est-ce que les français (ou autres locuteurs natifs) peuvent les distinguer?


Terminaison en « s » absente à l'impératif mais liaison induite?

Je suis Français et je trouve que ces exemples sonnent très bien avec une liaison [z] : - *Parle en* à… - *Pense y.*Est-ce que ce sont des pataquès ?


Correct pronunciation of 'Chez Albert': is there a liaison?

I had a little dispute yesterday on what the correct pronunciation of 'chez Albert' is. In my understanding, I would pronounce the latent 'z' of 'chez' because the next word starts with a vowel... more


Pas encore — is it correct to have the liaison or not?

I'm very confused about the pronunciation of *pas encore*. I've always thought it was said with the liaison since it follows the rule of an ending consonant before a word beginning with a vowel.... more


“Pas oublié” — is there a liaison between these words?

If I say "*Je n'ai pas oublié*", is there a liaison between "*pas*" and "*oublié*" or is the "*s*" silent?


Is the second 'T' silent in "petites" ?

In [this video](https://youtu.be/pF0d0gt9u-w?t=40s), around the 0:41 mark, the man speaking pronounces *petites* with the second *t* lost to a liaison. Is that a regional affectation, or did I just... more

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