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Macromolecules food combinations

So I have this home experiment since we're in a pandemic and schools are still home based learning, I have to make something edible with combinations of macromoleculesCarbohydrates+water,... more

Can we digest food as well as herbivores?

I heard some guy say that we can't digest plant food as well as herbivores. Which seems weird to me seeing as how humans can survive without any nutrient deficiencies besides b12 on only plants but... more


What exactly makes bananas go brown?

I know that often oxidation processes are mentioned when referring to the color change from yellow to brown in bananas (specifically: those that you get everywhere in supermarkets, with no... more

Why did the dominance of maize last so long in North America?

In North America the native corn, maize, was the dominant grain and flour and an important mainstay in the diet. At first it was obviously the only available grain crop, with Old World cereals such... more


What do ants do with human finger nails?

There is place in my house where I cut my nails. Here, there is an ant hole where an ant colony is seen.Whenever I cut my nails from here, they take my nails inside their hole. I was wondering what... more


Can humans eat grass?

Can a human eat grass and digest it? Could it be possible to use it as food just like other plants such as wheat or beans?

Human Digestion of Cellulose?

Most animals can digest the cellulose in grass because of the anaerobic bacteria called *Fibrobacter succinogenes* living in their rumen (gut). The bacteria produces the enzyme cellulase and is... more

Why does caffeine give you so much energy, while being so low on calories?

There's definitely something I'm missing here.Since calories is a unit of measurement for energy, and caffeine seemingly gives you a lot, how can the labels on caffeinated products have such a low... more

When did it become accepted to tilt your soup bowl in the US?

My mother and I are having a bit of an argument. Emily Post, my cotillion training, and the internet at large agree: if you want the last bit of soup, you tilt the bowl away from you. My mother... more

What's a food named after a person?

What makes us hungry?


Did Ancient or Medieval People Know About Underground Rivers/Lakes?

If they did, did they utilize them for farming? If so, how would they?

Why don't we feel hungry after waking up?

Yesterday, I was fasting (drinking only water until I had dinner at 9 pm). After dinner, I went back to my lab (I am a Master's student) and worked till 1:30 AM. By 1 o' clock, I was feeling *quite... more


Why are some berries poisonous?

In my understanding, the evolutional function of berries is to be eaten and pood out somewhere else, so that the seeds of the plant spread. Is this so? Then why are some berries poisonous?

Was "the modern cocktail" intended to mask the foul taste of Prohibition-era liquor?

I have long suspected that what we know today as a "cocktail" was invented to mask the taste of bad liquor. Indeed I've found several unsupported assertions to this effect online, generally... more


What do butterflies eat?

I found a beautiful scarce-swallowtail butterfly in my storeroom, but it was kind of frozen and couldn't fly away. So, I put it on my terrace in the sun. After a little bit, it flew a few meters... more

What's the difference between '탕' and '국'?

It seems there are two kinds of Korean soups. Some of them are '국', such as 미역국, 콩나물국, 배추국. But then there are also '탕', such as 갈비탕, 삼계탕. Some even seem to have two names, e.g., '우거지국' &... more

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