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How much oxygen does a plant use up at night?

Given the fact that plants cannot do photosynthesis at night but need respiration for their energy needs, they use up oxygen and generate carbon dioxide. But how much is this? If I fill a room with... more
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How is respiration an unbalanced equation?

The equation for respiration is... more
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Why is oxygen needed for the electron transfer phosphorylation?

I understand that oxygen is the acceptor of electrons and hydrogen ions during the electron transfer phosphorylation, the last step off the ATP-producing aerobic respiration.But why?Aren't there... more
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What is the circulation that allows for nutrient absorption and excrete of metabolic wastes in humans?

Pulmonary veins carry oxygenated blood from lungs to heart, while pulmonary arteries carry deoxygenated/CO2 rich blood from heart to lungs. On the other hand, systemic arteries carry oxygen-rich... more
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Could hydrogen replace oxygen in cellular respiration?

I was wondering what oxygen actually does in the body. I have seen a few answers to other questions that involve the electron chain and I am really not sure what that is. So I was wondering what... more
Cellular Respiration Biochemistry


Why isn't Fluorine, or Neon, the final electron acceptor in cellular respiration?

I'm a Chemistry student learning about periodic trends. I know that in (many organisms') cellular respiration, oxygen serves as the final electron acceptor due to its high... more
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Membrane Permeability to Pyruvate?

Pyruvate seems to pass easily through the outer membrane of the mitochondrion but has difficulty entering the inner membrane (and gets in by H+ symport). I have two questions: (1) what property of... more
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Where does the 'C' in exhaled CO₂ mostly come from?

When a human being exhales CO₂, what is, by the numbers, the main source of carbon atoms exiting the body in this way? I mean what class of cells, or which tissues are the biggest on a pie chart of... more
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NADH vs. NADPH: Where is each one used and why that instead of the other?

I know NADH is used in cellular respiration and NADPH is used in photosynthesis. What difference does the phosphate group make that the same one isn't or can't be used for both? Is there a greater... more
Cellular Respiration


What is the primary fuel for cellular respiration?

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What is the Main Energy Processing System in PLANTS?

Basically a Bioenergetic Question. Choose one of the Ans. That you think is the right one. A. PHOTOSYNTHESIS B. RESPIRATION C. MITOCHONDRIA D. BOTH A&B   THANKS FOR THE HELP!
Cellular Respiration


in biology, when a bacteria finds it self on a hypertonic solution of sugar what happens

in biology, when a bacteria finds it self on a hypertonic solution of sugar what happens
Cellular Respiration


When H+ is allowed to flow through ATPase in Cellular respiration what occurs?

Multiple choice
Cellular Respiration


The largest amount of ATP is made through oxidative phosorylation during which step?

Multiple choice question
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Cell Respiration doubt

Complete oxidation of one molar concentration of glucose (180 g) by aerobic respiration consumes 192 g of oxygen as it produces 264 g of CO2 , 108 g of water and releases 686000 calories.how these... more
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5 Biology Cellular Respiration multiple choice questions??! NEED HELP!

Hello. Could you please explain this to me.. I am really stuck and would like to gain a better understanding. I did try the last three questions. Im mainly lost on the first two.   Question 1:... more
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Fill in the blank: Aerobic Respiration requires constant supply of ____and fuel from the following energy storage molecules: _____ or ____.

Student of biochemistry in first year of college. I am stuck at this only fill in the blank question. Can anybody please help? The qustions is - Aerobic Respiration requires constant supply of... more
Cellular Respiration


Why does cellular respiration occur in the mitochondria?

 I know that cellular respiration takes place in the mitochondria but why does it do so?
Cellular Respiration


What process takes place when oxygen is not available for cellular respiration?

i dont really understand this very well may you please help me?
Cellular Respiration


how photosintesis suffort the cell theory

explain how celluler respiration can be done and wh fermentation said not efficient

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