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What biological processes cause leaves to change colours in Autumn?

I am curious to learn what are the biological mechanisms that cause leaves of deciduous plants to change colour? What happens to the chlorophyll?What environmental phenomena (temperature/air... more


Why is chlorophyll green? Isn't there a more energetically favorable color?

Chlorophyll being green means it absorbs light in the red and blue area of the spectrum. Isn't this the high and low energy light? Wouldn't plants get more energy if they absorbed light in the... more


Why does hair turn grey or white, and why does it happen later for some?

The question is pretty simple: what is happening molecularly when hair turns grey or white? I would imagine that it is due to the lack of a particular compound. I'm also interested in why some... more


How does the color of henna fade?

Henna contain lawsone pigment that attaches to the proteins of the skin,hair,etc.But after a few weeks the color fades?How does the color fade?Is the pigment volatile or it is degraded by the... more


The colour of aquatic plants found deep under oceans?

I have read that many aquatic plants found in deep oceans are red in colour, however, I do not understand why. As red is the color which gets the least scattered it should be the only light... more

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