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When molecule A and molecule B are added to the cells, Inositol Triphosphate level decrease. What is molecule b?

context: when molecule A is added to the cells, increased levels of the 2nd messenger (inositol triphosphate (IP3) are detected. The receptor molecule A is binding to is Alpha 1 receptor and the... more

The bonding of Acetylcholine to its muscarinic receptors on smooth muscle causes gated K+ channels to close. This action is described as what?

Would it be inhibitory or excitatory and would the cell depolarize or hyper-polarize?

During the fight and flight response, elevated levels of epinephrine and norepinephrine stimulate less sensitve alpha receptors as well as beta receptors on smooth muscle of blood vessels.

How does this impact blood flow?I believe it impacts blood flow by redirecting from the GI tract and kidneys to skeletal muscle. Can someone confirm?

Acetylcholine is both an excitatory and inhibitory ligand depending on the location of its receptor. What does acetylcholine do that makes it "Excitatory"?

A. It opens k+ion channels when it binds to its receptorsB. It causes a cell membrane to hyperpolarizeC. It causes a cell membrane to depolarize and produce excitatory post synaptic potentials Im... more

Which of the following is responsible for facilitating rapid conduction of the wave of depolarization along an axon?

A. Unmyelinated areas of the axon.B. The rate at which the cell membrane returns to RMPC. The duration of the action potential D. The entire duration of the action potentialI chose A. Becuase the... more

Action potential

In order for an action potential to be produced at the axon hillock, what has to first happen?A. Sodium ion channels must be inactivated B. ESPS(Excitatory postsynaptic potential) had to have... more

In a single muscle twitch, the contraction period:

A. is from start of contraction to the end.B. is from the start of contraction to peak of contraction.C. is from the peak of contraction to the end D. is the peak of contraction

What will happen to the carbon skeleton of the deaminated amino acid when excessive protein and calories are consumed?

A. It is metabolized by the liver to ureaB. They will be metabolized to fatc. They will be metabolized to ketones


What is "SCGBBE"?

It is related to biology(histology).


health issue in pakistan

a lot of health issue in Pakistan silent killer called hypertension, rate of hypertension increase day by day which are the root of cardiovascular disease how we control hypertension?


Besides hemoglobin, what proteins are present in red blood cells?

I knew that mature red blood cells (RBCs) lacked nuclei, but I wasn't aware until just now that they also lacked ribosomes and mitochondria. Most cells in the human body all contain a common... more


What is the biochemistry of love?

How is love induced between humans? (e.g. between mother and child,couples,etc)?Does the phenomenon of love exist in other mammals, too?


Cytokine responsiveness?

Why is it that cytokine responsiveness is less in progenitor cells than their ancestors(stem cells)? What will be the benefit of such reduction in responsiveness?


What is glycogen?


Why antipyretics do not bring the body-temperature below normal?

Antipyretics like paracetamol are used to decrease the body-temperature in fever patients. But some of them are also used as pain-killers in sprain or other injuries (where there's no fever). In... more


Why does hair grow after trimming but remains at a constant length after a while?

Some hair especially body hair regrows after trimming but stops growing after a while. What is the mechanism behind control of hair growth and how is the length limit determined?


Do spinal cord reflexes (such as the knee-jerk reflex) continue to function under general anaesthesia?

The knee-jerk reflex is an example of a stretch reflex. Stretch reflexes are monosynaptic reflexes happening in the spinal cord without involvement of the brain.Does it mean that this reflex will... more


Why don't we feel hungry after waking up?

Yesterday, I was fasting (drinking only water until I had dinner at 9 pm). After dinner, I went back to my lab (I am a Master's student) and worked till 1:30 AM. By 1 o' clock, I was feeling *quite... more


What makes the hepatic portal vein unique?

What makes the hepatic portal vein unique?, is it because it begins and ends with capillaries or because it carries digested food.


What is the optimal time to implant embryo in uterus for in vitro fertilization?

What is the best time to implant an embryo in the uterus. I was under the impression that the earlier the better and more natural, but also if you wait until the blastocyst age, it may be better to... more


How fast can a human run?

I'm a runner (cross country) and I'm always amazed at how fast Olympic sprinters are. There's a lot of hype about those in the 100-meter dash being the fastest in the world, and we're constantly... more


How does the color of henna fade?

Henna contain lawsone pigment that attaches to the proteins of the skin,hair,etc.But after a few weeks the color fades?How does the color fade?Is the pigment volatile or it is degraded by the... more

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