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Which of the following are serious threats to wildlife?

I. Conservation of wildlife habitat to space for housing agriculture.II. Pollutants from chemical insecticides used in farms.III. Catching of animals by families for their food.IV. Illegal hunting... more
Agriculture Biology Ecology Biomass


How much biomass of herbivore consumers can a 1,000 KG of corn support?

A. 10 kgB. 100 kgC. 1,000 kgD. 10, 000 kg


What are some commonly-used themes in English classic novels by Austen, Elliott, Dickens, Hardy, Gaskell?

Early-and mid-19th-century-set novels by these authors often swerved very close to each other. There were changes taking place in agriculture, in marriage customs, and in political representation.


Is there a practical upper limit to ploidy?

In my AP Biology class, we were discussing polyploidy, specifically, its deleterious nature in mammals and its prevalence in plants. We also learned that commercial crops, especially fruit, are... more


Kurds and their relation to the start of civilization?

Is there a relationship between these folks and the start of civilization? Mehrdad Izady suggests that they started civilization via establishing the agricultural production. How can this be... more
Agriculture Cuba


What is the growing period in Cuba? How many times do they plant in Cuba per year?

I am writing an agricultural report of Cuba for school. I am having troubles with finding good information about Cuban agriculture.


What is the difference between Groat and Grist?

Grist is defined as grain that has been separated from the chaff in preparation for grinding. Groat is also defined as such, but is more specified to the type of grains such as cereal germ and... more

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