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how do I calculate calories properly?

I go on the stationary bike on resistance level 15/ 250 watts / 80-110 RPM (it fluctuates) at about 30km/h and the machine says I burn 1800 calories in 80 minutes. I don’t know if it is completely... more
Calories Nutrition


If I have been eating 400-900 calories for a month if one or two days I eat over 1700 calories will I gain?

im 18 years old. I have been eating in between 400 to 1000 cals aprox, but some days I may eat over 1800. Will I gain ?

What makes us hungry?


How many calories are required to change 17.5 g H2O from 27 degrees celcius to ice at 0 degrees celsius?

Chemistry heat exothermic question. Calories/ water.
Calories Math


Calories math Problem

Ben ate 28 shrimp . The serving size is 7 and the amount per serving is 80 cal how many calories did Ben eat ? And it is 4 servings per container


Candy has 290 cal. How long would a 175lb person have to jog in order to burn the calories in the candy Jogging burns 640.5 cals in 5.5 hrs for 175lb person

candy contains 290 calories how long would a 175 pound person have to jog in order to burn the calories in the candy bar.  jogging burns 640.5 calories in 5.5 hours

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