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Mel has 15 oranges, 9 peaches and 18 pears.

Mel has 15 oranges, 9 peaches and 18 pears. He wants to put all of the fruit into baskets with each basket having the same number of pieces of fruit in it. Without mixing the fruit, what is the... more


Does the sun light have to have direct access to fruits to make them sweet?

I understand that sun light is needed for fruits to ripen. In the years with less sun light, the fruits are usually not so sweet. So the sun light is needed to make the fruits sweet. *Where* and... more


What exactly makes bananas go brown?

I know that often oxidation processes are mentioned when referring to the color change from yellow to brown in bananas (specifically: those that you get everywhere in supermarkets, with no... more


How does peanut pollination work?

I got curious about peanuts and when I found some photos on the internet, I could see they have flowers. However peanut fruit is underground. How does pollination of peanut flowers affect the... more


The price of peeled oranges

The peel of an oorange weighs about 1/6 the mass of the whole orange. The cost of six oranges is $4.80. All the oranges were peeled and the fruit was found to weigh 1.6kg. What was the price per... more

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