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Writing a fraction as an expression using a negative exponent other than -1

1/16It says i need 30+ characters but that is the only question i have so i am filling up the space with this text -_-
Negative Exponents Prealgebra Scientific Notation


Scientific notation negative exponents

Write the number in scientific notation 0.000001 7
Negative Exponents


what is 1/8 as awxpresion using a negative exponent other than -1

what us 1/8 written as an expression using negative exponents other that negative one??  
Negative Exponents


For a number with an exponent of -3, do you say "the negative third power" or can you say "negative cubed"?

For example for 3^-3, is it "three to the negative third power" or is it "three negative cubed"?  Or both?
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Why can’t polynomials have negative exponents?

Polynomials cannot have a variable as a demonenator because that would mean it has a negative exponent. My question is why it cannot have a negative exponent. The simplest answer would be appreciated  more
Negative Exponents Math Fractions


Write each fraction as an expression using negative exponents: 2/3^2; a/b^6; f/g^3; 3m/n^2; d^2/d^3

Write each fraction as an expression using negative exponents: 2/3^2; a/b^6; f/g^3 ; 3m/n^2; d^2/d^3
Negative Exponents


The question asked about negative exponents and i had trouble answering this question

Negative Exponents


Write each fraction as am expression using negitive exponents other than one

Negative Exponents


I'm simplifying -2 to the -2nd power. when I change it to 1 over -2 to the 2nd power should the -2 also go positive?

-2-2 =  1   ?          -22   or   -2-2 =  1   ?            22
Negative Exponents Exponents


[x^(-1) - x^(-3)] / (x^3 - x^2)

Eliminate negative exponents and simplify; can't figure out what to do when there is addition and subtraction involved with exponents. Here is the problem again:   (X-1 – X-3) / (X3 –... more
Negative Exponents


how can i turn 16,384 into a negative exponent?

 I just want to turn 16,384 into a negative exponent   
Negative Exponents


polonium has a half-life of about 140 days.This means 1/2 of a given amount of the element decays in that time.

Write each amount as a negative exponent and as a fraction. .How much polonium remains after 140 days ? How much remains after 500 days ?
Negative Exponents


Rewriting with positive exponents

Write (4y)^-3 with only positive exponents and express in simplest form (the variable is not equal to zero). The answer was 1/2 and I could not understand wh


Simplify fraction with exponents

2^-1 - 2^-2/ 2^-1 + 2^-2


Simplify the fraction

3^-2/ 3^-3+3^-2
Negative Exponents Functions


If f(x)=(8-3x)/18, find f^-1(x)

I don't remember how to work problems with negative exponents
Negative Exponents



I need to know the steps for figuring out a negative exponent. I am trying to find -.005-360
Negative Exponents


negative numbers with negative exponents

When I enter -5^-3 into my calculator, I get -.008.  can you explain why it's not -125?
Negative Exponents


Solve, Express using positive exponents: Negative intergers as exponents, simplify if possible

5a^-7 b^4
Negative Exponents


Negative intergers as exponents: Expressing using positive exponents, if possible simplify

5a-7 b4
Negative Exponents


How to solve (-18)^-10? Basically -18 to the -10th power.

How to solve negative numbers with negative exponents? (-18)-10 
Negative Exponents


simply using only positive exponents

Negative Exponents


how do you rewrite (x^-8/y^11)^ -2 without negative exponents

the ^ means exponents 
Negative Exponents Scientific Notation


Negative exponents and scientific notation

1/2-4    is the question. Since the 2 is a negative exponent does that mean it goes on top? 
Negative Exponents


help with simplifing without negative exponents

Help writing in simplest form without negative exponents.  Leave response as simplified fractions.     (2/3)^-^2     (4/5)^-^1   thanks

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