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To what extent does the Japanese cultural value of packaging influence plastic waste in Japan?

For school, I am making a research paper on Japanese packaging. Specifically, I am researching to what extent the Japanese cultural value of packaging influences plastic waste in Japan. To answer... more

A method to approach this question?

For school, I'm researching the uneasy balance between the ideal of academic freedom on the one hand and the existence of Confucius Institutes on many campuses.My research question will probably... more

Patterns of Ethnicity, Language, & Religion

What causes cultural patterns to vary from place to place?
Culture Spanish


Do you know what is the basic difference between the Spanish of Latin America and the Spanish of Spain?

It's about regionalism, culture, and customs.


Germans - Is it cultural appropriation or cosplay?

Well, if a Caucasian American were to dress as the German mythological creature the Rasslebock (similar to but distinct from the US's Jackalope), would it be cultural appropriation or disrespectful... more


Is Indonesia a Moslem country?

Unity in Diversity is the motto of Indonesia


From an Expert to an Expert: What Is Your Favorite Spanish Idiom?!

Most teachers can agree that mastering idioms in a foreign language is an exciting challenge and true evidence of a great speaker. An idiom is a phrase or expression that typically presents a... more

What culture is she?

A young woman I know is of Middle Eastern descent and wants to be an author.She does not follow traditions or partake in culture from her family's origin country/culture.She lives in USA.Is she... more

Can you help me write a new thesis using the topics that I told you in the description?

I'm in 9th grade and I need help with my 5 paragraph research paper. I wrote my research paper on about The United Kingdom. My topics were these: Physical Geography, History, and Culture. The... more


What was the role of money in ancient Greece?

I dont know anything about my assignment and in the book it doesnt really tell me what the role was for money in ancient greece.


Ancient Cultures

Why do you think the Minoan culture mysteriously came to an end?


What does it mean to be part of an "oppressed", "dominate" and "subordinate" group?

 What does it mean to be part of an "oppressed", "dominate" and "subordinate" group?


What does it mean to be a member of an oppressed or subordinate group?

Need help answering this question asap


How has the "gauchos" culture shaped Argentinian society?

what have they done to shape the Argentinian society and make it the way that it is ?

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