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Do minimum wage laws have the opposite effect than intended?

I'm currently trying to back up my opinion on minimum wage laws with some type of source... I'm reading Milton Friedman's Capitalism and Freedom for my PHI 110 class & am having a bit of... more
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How does Aristotle argue for his claim that all humans are essentially social/political?

In relation to Aristotle's books Politics 1 and 2, how can you argue that all humans are social or political beings and what can you argue against that? What kind of arguments can be brought up... more
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On what grounds can a democratic state prohibit pornography?

On what grounds can a democratic state interfere to prohibit or limit its citizens from producing, distributing and consuming pornography? Does the state have any right to prohibit pornography or... more
Political Philosophy Philosophy Ethics


When is violence appropriate?

In what situations would violence be appropriate? The way I see it, the only excuse is **as a response** to violence (self-defense). Am I missing anything?
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Which scholars argue that for art to be art, it must be for art's sake?

I understand this is partially supported by Nietzsche, but do others agree or adamantly disagree with this position? If so who?

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