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Is it enough to have one source of authority when it comes to a religion or worldview? What factors determine if that source is reliable? Some religions rely on holy books while others base their... more
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I have 15 questions to whom engaging in Christian or Muslim community.

I'm currently working on food rituals from Christian and Islamic point of view, and I kinda wanna ask questions to someone who is Christian or Muslim. I have 15 questions, and maybe it gonna take... more
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Did Jesus really need the apostles?

I'm sorry, but I've been working all day and I'm too lazy to find 7 sentences about this. please provide me with 7 reasons why this statement is true
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Why is the myth that America is a Christian Nation so powerful in popular parlance and conversation?

Please write a paragraph with considerable thought to this answer.


What are some of the problems dealt with or caused by a specific branch of Protestantism

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Influences on Reinhard Niebuhr

What influenced Reinhard Niebuhr to write Moral Man and Immoral Society? Are there influences that are evident in the book?


How was financial profit viewed in Medieval Europe?

What was the attitude of people in Medieval Europe towards earning money, making a profit etc. I know that in some places Jews were well established as merchants because, from the point of the view... more


Was any Medieval state ever "partially" Roman Catholic?

It is my understanding that in most of (if not all) the states in western medieval Europe the Roman Catholic church was the only recognized religious body. I'm looking for an example of a state... more
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What's the last record of pagan believers in Europe?

When was the last group of pagans wiped out? I'm interested in mainland Europe and the British isles, not fringe areas like Greenland. Edit: I am talking about authentic, contiguous, non Abrahamic... more
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What was the status of Arab Christians during the crusades?

Did Arab Christians take an active role in the crusades in the Holy Land or at any point on their trip to the Holy Land. Or were they victims of the crusaders? Did the crusaders typically... more

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