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Logic Problem Lsat Deductions Matched Pairs


LSAT Logic Game HELP

A New York insurance company has six account managers each of whom has a different number of children from none to five. Deduce from the following:A. who has what number of childrenB. the account... more
Logic Problem


grocery store problem

Four friends (one is named Sara) drove to the grocery store to buy their favorite food and drink. Two sat in the front seat, and two sat in the back seat. Each bought a different food (one bought... more
Logic Problem Word Problem


A logic question!

A health company is to see 14 new patients per week. Each patient will be a part of a 12 week program whereby they see a specialist every other week for an hour. Over the year, what is the maximum... more
Logic Problem


negate: All cows eat grass.

negating sentences in graduate math 
Logic Problem Math Pseudo Code Algorithm


This is a coding question. However, I do not require the answer in code. I just need help in figuring out the math behind this question.

You are a professional robber planning to rob houses along a street. Each house has a certain amount of money stashed, the only constraint stopping you from robbing each of them is that adjacent... more
Logic Problem


Amnesty Week Lodgic Problem

Some Libraries periodically have an "Amnesty Week," during which people can bring back overdue books without paying a fine. Last month, five patrons of the Teaneck Public Library took advantage of... more
Logic Problem


What is the maximum number of friends who could appear in a photo that Fiona does not appear in?

An album contains photos picturing 7 friends: Al, Billy, Christina,Delores, Ed, Fiona, and Gloria. The friends appear either alone or in groups with one another, in accordance with the following:... more
Logic Problem


How do I show that [p ? (q ? r)] = [p ^(¬r) ? (¬q)]

[p ⇒ (q ⇒ r)] = [p ^(¬r) ⇒ (¬q)]
Logic Problem


A man lived in the 19th century and said " I was x years old when in the year x^2. In what year he was born

August De Morgan lived in the nineteenth century. He made the statement : I was x years old when in the year x^2." In what year was he born?
Logic Problem Math Logic Math Help


Proof by contrapositive: If n is even, then 2(n) is also even.

The contrapositive would be: If 2(n) is odd, then n is odd.   What is wrong with my logic?  The first statement is obviously true, and the second one is obviously false.  I know it must be... more
Logic Problem


store mark up wholesale item 30% later have sale mark down 30% from retail price

walmart wholesale item marked up 30%, later have a sale and mark down 30% from retail price did he break even

Can anyone help me with this? I'm suppose to use resolution to prove that [(p ? q) ^ (q ? (r ^ s))] ? (p ? s)

I have to use resolution to prove these inferences are valid [(p → q) ^ (q → (r ^ s))] → (p → s) ?
Logic Problem


Simple Logic Questions, please help!

I have a question about this statement below, let say if the startdate is 1/1/2013 and the enddate is 2/1/2013, the month is less than 6 months. Then the startdate changed to 8/1/2012. But what if... more


Natural Deduction in Propositional Logic Help?

Use the first four rules of inference to derive the conclusions of the following symbolized arguments. (please please help. And explanation would be nice too!) (1) 1. ~C>(A>C) 2. ~C /~A (2.)... more


algebra 1/2 question

 Of the 200 parking spaces in a parking lot, 4% of the spaces are reserved for handicapped parking, and 12 of the non handicapped spaces are suitable for compact cars only. How many spaces that are... more
Logic Problem Logic


A library has 2 books for every 5 resident. how many books do they need for a population of 12455 people?

This can eithe ne 24,910 or 4982 books
Logic Problem Logic Symbols



Consider the following translation scheme:Use symbols to translateA: The American team will win a gold medal.B: The British team will win a gold medal.C: The Canadian team will win a gold... more
Logic Problem Philosophy Ethics


Can you identify if these are arguments or not?

1. Fictional characters behave according to the same psychological probabilitiesas real people. But the characters of ?ction are found in exotic dilemmas that real people hardly encounter.... more
Logic Problem Math Contest


Hard Question from UMD Math Competition 2014

There are three underground gopher nests in a field; call them A, B, C. There are tunnels between A and B, between A and C, and between B and C. A gopher counts that there are 89 ways to get from A... more
Logic Problem Algorithm


Long logic question from UMD math competition

There are 11 ants on a ruler. Each ant is on an inch marker (1 - 12). The ants on the left side of the ruler, on numbers 1-6, are crawling toward the right end of the ruler (towards 12). Ants on... more
Logic Problem


How can you bring exactly 2 liters of water from a pond when you have only a 7 liter and 4 liter pail?

I need to know how to be able to get 2 liters of water out of a 7 liter pail and 4 liter pail? Have been trying to figure it out for a long time but can't come up with the answer really need help.

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