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To what extent does the Japanese cultural value of packaging influence plastic waste in Japan?

For school, I am making a research paper on Japanese packaging. Specifically, I am researching to what extent the Japanese cultural value of packaging influences plastic waste in Japan. To answer... more


Renewable resources

Currently many plastics are made from non-renewable resources, what are some of the changes that willinfluence plastics in the future?  
Environment Math Algebra 1 Algebra


Algebra homework help

Tammy, working alone, could clean one-half the area in one hour. Her partner, Melissa, working alone, could clean one- third of the area in one hour. If they work together, how long will it take... more


Which of the following would increase the rate of heat exchange between an animal and its environment?

VasoconstrictionWind blowing across the body surfaceCountercurrent heat exchangerBlubber or fat layer

Who first made paper?


When was the last ice age?

Environment Genetics


Have any genetically altered organisms actually become abundant in a natural environment?

Most of the things that come up in Google and Google Scholar for this question have a mostly/completely speculative tone, or at best use models instead of measurements. [This... more

What career paths can I pursue with Environmental + Mechanical Engineering???

I possess a deep appreciation of nature. I love to go on treks and wilderness explorations. I desire to find solutions to climate change, innovate and design more efficient systems along with... more


Is climate change the same as global warming?

Could the terms climate change and global warming be used interchangeably?


how does various form of transport effect our environment

please describe in 4o - 50 words

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