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The Team Meeting and Management Efficiency Case

You are team leader for the team responsible for implementing corporate restructuring. Your superiors favor a radical change in the way in which these changes are made within the company, Usually, this old, previously family-owned company makes changes slowly with the full involvement of those effected. This is one of their company values, which the family took very seriously. But your superiors support a major reduction in work force without any warnings - a much more efficient approach and in keeping with what they see as modern management practice. This plan has been kept confidential. This is your final review of the plan. You are committed to giving your bosses what they want, and you have fairly good control of your team. Except for Joanne - a relatively new hire from a prestigious MBA program who has recently completed the required training in the company values. Your team will be very busy for the next week or so implementing this plan, and you really don't want to waste any time on a lengthy meeting. You receive the expected luke-warm response from most of the team. But Joanne obviously has something to say. She starts off with: "Are we sure this is what we are about. Aren't we committed to full and open communication?"

What do you do?

1: Throw the meeting open to a full discussion of the corporate values, which you know will weaken the resolve of your team members and could well result in a recommendation not to go ahead with the restructuring. Joann can be a very persuasive speaker. This will anger your superiors and hurt your fast-tracked career path. But is fully consistent with the idealistic company values which, in your opinion, harken back to a kinder gentler age of family ownership.

2: Shut her off with a thank you, weakening her position by calling her "ivory tower" thinking irrelevant to modern management. Saying that as a relatively new hire she should defer to more her more experienced colleagues. Call for an immediate vote.

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Joseph W. answered • 03/23/21

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