Deshay B.

asked • 08/23/12

what are methods used to measure ingredients and their units of measure

volume, weight, count, legth, time, and temperature

Frank L.

Ingredient-recipes are confusing terms.My experience tells me that no matter what name is used ;the background cause of their use came for history so do not try to apply to much logic ! That being said just Google definition for units of the ingredients and some recipes
Scientific recipes are a complete different matter! They are very precise e.g.the MKS (meter kilogram second).
Of fundamental importance is the fact each unit is refrenced to a standard unit and is actually a ratio of the standard unit to the quantity your ar e using
12inches =1foot
1kilogram is 1000 grams
The reference stndard kilogram is kept in laboratory in France and copies are made for use around the world
A simple question but a complex answer



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Christine M. answered • 08/26/12

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Andrea J.

Excellent answer, I would only have added the metric equivilents of the units of measure you mentioned, for those students who view this in other countries where metric units are used.  Good job Christine :)



Patrick W.

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Nevaeh M.

Tablespoon and Teaspoon are used to measure ____ amounts of ingredients


Spencer S. answered • 08/24/12

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Andrea J.

Excellent answer Spencer.  Your answer was similar to Christine's and you added information about metric units of measure.  This should be very easy to understand for a student using either metric or what we commonly use here in the US.



Mamata G. answered • 08/26/20

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Gail D. answered • 10/09/12

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Tyjtjtyj T.

Can you answer :
1/4 cup: 60 ml 1/3 cup:_____ ml
1oz : 30g  1 1/2 oz:_______ g
1/4 inch : 5mm  3/4 inch :______mm
1 teaspoon 5 ml 1/4 teaspoom:________ml


Mamata G.

1/4 cup=60 ml so 1/3 cup = 80 ml 1 oz=30g so 1 1/2 oz=45g 1/4 inch= 5mm then, 3/4 inch: =15mm 3/4 is 3 times bigger than 1/ 3*5=15 1 teaspoon= 5 ml then 1/4 teaspoon= 1.25 ml.......5 *1/4 or 5 divided by 4 =1.25.....1/4 is lesser than 1..


Ghulam J. answered • 08/23/12

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