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A mass of 10 grams and velocity of 9 centimeters per second has a kinetic energy of _____ergs.

Kinetic energy varies jointly as the mass and the square of the velocity. A mass of 15 grams and velocity of 7 centimeters per second has a kinetic energy of 147 ergs. Find the kinetic energy for a... more


An office supply store sells about 8 graphing calculators per month for $120 each. (cont. in description)

For each $6 decrease in price, the store expects to sell eight more calculators.The revenue from calculator sales is given by the function R(n) = (unit price)(units sold), or R(n) = (120 - 6n)(80 +... more


Use Logarithms to solve

A certain element has a half life of 4.5 billion years. a. You find a rock containing a mixture of the element and lead. You determine that 20% of the original element remains; the other 80%... more


7.7 applications of systems of linear equations

A paper mill makes newsprint, bond, and copy machine paper. Each ton of newsprint requires 3 tons of recycled paper, and 1 ton of wood pulp. Each ton on bond requires 2 tons of recycled paper, and... more


word problem algebra

Omar biked from school to the park at an average speed of 9 miles per hour, and then biked back the same way at an average speed of 8 miles per hour. If the round trip took 1 hour, how many miles... more


word problem algebra help

maggie bought c CD's for $8 each, b books for $11 each and a purse costing $36. Write an expression to show the total amount of money Maggie spent.


Twice the difference of a number and 2 is 9 .

Need help with this one where do i begin



You are buying orange juices for 245 dollars per container and have a gift card worth 20 dollars. The function f(x)=245x-20 represents your total cost f(x) if you buy x containers of orange juice... more


Find five consecutive odd integers such that the sum of the first and the fifth is one less than three times the fourth

 Please tell me how to solve this problem and all the steps required with it.


lee hiked up hill at 2 mph and jogged back same distance at 6mph. the trip up took 2 hrs longer. How long did it take to hike up. how far did she hike up.

 hiking to tower from camp took 2 hrs longer than hiking back at 6mph . how many miles one way and how long


A 70% markup on the selling price brought the selling price to $1400. What did the shopkeeper pay for the item and what was the markup?

I'm confused because it says selling price twice but seems to be referring to two different things. When I try to work the problem the way I learned it the problem won't solve. This is how I've... more


Am I doing this right?

Kai takes off from parking structure 1 at 3:00 PM, driving north. One hour later, Jacob takes off from parking structure 1, too,  but he had south, and his speed is 15 mph more than Kai's. At... more


A certain element has a half life of 2.5 billion years. a. You find a rock containing a mixture of the element and lead. You determine that 55% of the origina

A certain element has a half life of 2.5 billion years. a. You find a rock containing a mixture of the element and lead. You determine that 55% of the original element remains; the other 45%... more


A Gardner has $36 that they wish to spend buying x annuals and Y perennials. Annuals cost $2 each and perennials cost $3 each

What is the slope and what does it represent? 


State defining any unknown quantities, solve problem, showing all work

If there are 535 members of congress and 45 more republicians than democrats, how many of each party are there, assuming that there is no independents?


Question Word

The coach of a soccer team is holding tryouts and can take only 3 more players for the team. There are 6players trying out. How many different groups of 3 players could possibly be chosen?


At her latest concert, she was Bitsy was only able to sell 910 tickets for a total of $15,620 (barely enough to pay her agent). If regular seats cost $18.50 -

And mezzanine seats (the only other option) cost $16.25, how many mezzanine tickets were sold?


How far is the rest stop

The sign says you are leaving Missoula, Butte is 120 mi away and Bozeman is 200 mi away. There is a erst stop halfway between Butte and Bozeman. How far is the rest stop from Missoula if both Butte... more


least number of coins and greatest number of coins

9. 1-1B John goes to the store with exactly $1.00 in change. He has at least one of each coin less than a half dollar coin, but he does not have a half dollar coin.   a. what is the least number... more


office supply algebra

An office supply store recently sold a black printer ink cartridge for $18.99 and a color printer ink cartridge for $27.99. At the start of a recent fall semester, a total of 49 of these cartridges... more


Soy Bean Word

Soybean meal is 18% proteinprotein; cornmealcornmeal is 9% protein. How many poundspounds of each should be mixed together in order to get 360-lb mixturelb mixture that is 10% protein?


5824 DIVIDE D BY .04%

Miles paid $5,824, including 4% sales tax, for an out-of-state purchase of a car. In order to calculate the amount of sales tax he owes in his state, he must first determine the price of the car... more
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