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Kinetic Energy Math Physics Work


Your physics book is resting in front of you on a horizontal table in the campus library. You push the book over to your friend,...... (IN THE DESCRIPTION)

Your physics book is resting in front of you on a horizontal table in the campus library. You push the book over to your friend, who is seated at the other side of the table, 0.400 m m north and... more
Kinetic Energy Math Physics Energy


Average Kinetic Energy of 2 Objects

If I had 2 objects of equal mass ( 10kg for example ), and knew that the average speed of the 2 objects was 8 ms-1 , is it possible to calculate the average kinetic energy of the 2 objects. I... more
Kinetic Energy Physics


A 3.0 kg mass body has an initial velocity v0 = (6.0 i - 2.0 j) m/s.

(a) What is the initial kinetic energy? (b) Determine the value of the final kinetic energy if its velocity changes to v0 = (8.0 i + 4.0 j)?
Kinetic Energy Physics


Kinetic energy is the energy that is stored while going downhill. Potential energy is the energy released to get up the hill.

Is this statement true or false?
Kinetic Energy


How does the mass of a diver impact the potential energy of the diver?

Kinetic Energy


what is the kinetic energy

What is the kinetic energy of a girl with mass of 40kg running steadily at a speed of 5ms
Kinetic Energy Science Elastic Energy


speed of the ball

A machine throws tennis balls contains a spring with a spring constant of 145N/m. When you push a ball into the machine,the spring compresses by 1.5cm.The mass of the ball is 55g  Calculate the... more


Energies in orbit

A meteor with a mass of 58000 kg falls from an radius of 7.1x10^6 m above the surface of the earth.    a) What is the speed of the meteor just before impact with the surface of the earth?   b)... more
Kinetic Energy Potential Energy


what is kinetic energy

i want to know more about kinetic and potential energy  

A mass of 10 grams and velocity of 9 centimeters per second has a kinetic energy of _____ergs.

Kinetic energy varies jointly as the mass and the square of the velocity. A mass of 15 grams and velocity of 7 centimeters per second has a kinetic energy of 147 ergs. Find the kinetic energy for a... more
Kinetic Energy


Can you help me with this answer?

A particle with mass m = 1.67 x 10 -27 kg is being accelerated along a straight line at 3.6 x 10 15m/s 2 . If the particle has initial speed of 2.4 x 10 7 m/s and travels a distance of 2.8 cm, what... more

How to calculate kinetic energy of a system? (Momentum and impulse)

I posted this question yesterday, but there is another part of the problem I don't understand   A 0.76 kg fireworks rocket moving at a speed of 32 m/s breaks into two pieces as the result of an... more
Kinetic Energy


A car is moving with a sped of 15km/h and another identical car is moving at a speed of 30km/h.Conpare their kinetic energy

It’s a kinetic energy sun with formula 1/2mv2
Kinetic Energy Physics Ap Physics Friction


Physics Mechanical Energy and Friction

An asteroid with a mass of 5.0 x 105 kg collides with the Earth and slides horizontally along the ground without bouncing (not actually possible but just pretend). The velocity of the asteroid... more
Kinetic Energy Physics Friction Energy


Energy lost to heat

In an attempt for a physics teacher to explain the conservation of energy to a student, the teacher goes down a 6.0 m high sliding board. At the bottom, he only travels 7.0 m/s. If the mass of the... more


Conservation of Energy

A 45 kg student runs with a speed of 2.0 m/s off a horizontal ledge that is 5.0 above a swimming pool. Calculate the vertical speed of the student when she hits the water.   ...   Energy before... more
Kinetic Energy Physics



Two charges q1 = −3.20 nC and q2 = +8.15 nC are at a distance of 1.28 µm from each other. q1 is fixed at its location while q2 is released from rest. (a) What is the kinetic energy of the charge... more
Kinetic Energy Science Physics Acceleration


Calculate velocity and acceleration during collisions.

A small car of mass 500kg is travelling at 120km/h when it hits stationary truck (of 1.5 tonne mass) head on. The small car rebounds and travels in the opposite direction at 40km/h. The collision... more
Kinetic Energy Physics Work Ap Physics


Physics: Work, Kinetic Energy, and Energy Lost to Friction

A 1.00-kg block is pushed along a rough horizontal floor with a horizontal force of 5.00 N for a distance of 5.00 m. If the block is moving at a constant velocity of 4.00 m/s, find... The work... more
Kinetic Energy Physics


physics-KE question

A girl on a playground swing starts from rest at an angle θ=34.2 from the vertical. The chains have length L=6.8 meters. Find her speed as she passes through the bottom of the swing. Assume no... more
Kinetic Energy


A wagon moving at a speed of 25 km/have has a kinetic energy of 6000 kg•km2/h2. What is the mass of the wagon

A wagon moving at 25 km/h has a kinetic energy of 6000 kg•km2/h2. What is the mass of the wagon

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