Camila C.

asked • 10/29/18

CUBICS MATH PROBLEM - How do I expand this cubic form?

The questions on the book says:

3. From the cubic form, give your answer in factor form and in expanded form

My cubic function/form is: 2(x+1)2 (x-3)

1ST STEP: (solve the square, by re-writing the bracket) 2(x+1) (x+1) (x-3)

2ND STEP: (ignore the first bracket and work with the other two) (x+1) (x-3)

3RD STEP: (expand both brackets) x2-3x+x-3

4TH STEP: (then bring back the bracket which was ignored) 2(x+1) x2-3x+x-3

HERE COMES MY QUESTION. what do I do now? Before I was suppose to multiply what I expanded with the "ignored bracket" but there is a 2 in the middle of the way, what to do I do???

THE CORRECT ANSWER: 2x3-2x2-10x-6

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Paul M. answered • 10/30/18

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