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Find the value of X and Y.

At a college bookstore, Carla purchased a math textbook and a novel that cost a total of $54, not including. If the price of the math textbook, m, is $8 more that 3 times the price of the novel, n,... more


A barge travelled 17.5 miles upstream in 7 hours. The return trip took 5 hours. What is the speed of the barge in still water?

Question on Algebra EOC Practice. I have been trying to solve this for awhile, can't figure it out. Please help.


How to simplify this expression?

For the function f(x)=x2-x-6, simplify the expression f(x)-(3)/x-3 I need an explanation also.


Determine the values of A and B that make the equation true

A/x-5 + B/x-2 = 10x-41/x2-7x+10 also provide me an explanation 


Word problem help?

A box with a square base has a volume of 16 in3. The height of the box is twice as long as the length of the sides of the square base. What is the height of the box?


Math question help?

If xy= 8 and x2 + y2 = 20, what is one possible value of x + y?


Word problem help?

A farmer has 300 feet of fencing. She wants to use this fencing to construct a rectangular corral and then divide the corral in half by constructing a fence across the width of the corral. What... more


How to solve this?

Identify the slope of the line that passes through the points of the parabola given by y = x2 + 4x + 3 when x = 0 and x = 4. I know the answer is 8, but I need an explanation.


If I roll two regular six-sided dice, what’s the probability of getting a sum that’s a prime number?

If you have an answer, how did you get it? Or explain.


How do I figure this out?

(3.7 x 1014) x (9.1 x 10-13) = ? The answer is 3.367 x 102, but how?


What should I do to solve this?

For the function f(x)=2x2-3x+5, find the difference quotient f(x+h)-f(x)/h.


What is the 99th letter in the following pattern?

A B B C C C D D D D ...


How do I solve this word problem?

A triangular base prism has a volume of 16.2 cubic centimeters. The base is an isosceles right triangle. The height of the prism is 10 centimeters. What is the approximate length of the hypotenuse... more


Help! What is the remainder when the following polynomials are divided?



Help! How do I solve this?

How do I solve this step-by-step? 3m3=_?_ dm3


Plz help me solve this

Jim and Kim can paint a fence in 144 minutes. (This assumes that both work the whole time and that each works at a constant pace.) Jim working alone could paint the whole fence in two hours less... more


What is the equation of the line perpendicular to 2x+3y=1 and passing through the point (0,k)?

The correct answer is 3x-2y=-2k, but I need an explanation of how to do this.


What is the solution?

What is the solution to x2-y<3?


What should I do?

What is the coefficient x4y the binomial expansion of (3x-2y)5?


What is an equation that is parallel and goes through the points (-2,5)

I need it for homework and no one I know knows how to do it


A coin bank has 250 coins consisting of dimes and quarters, worth $39.25. How many quarters are there

 this is a question i dont knowhow to answer


Write a linear equation for the line going through the points (-2, -87) and (8, -7)

I need help on this problem for my algebra 1 class im in 8th grade and im very smart, thank yhu.


Michelle was driving to and from work one day. The time it took to drive home was ten minutes less than twice the time it took to drive to work.

(a) If t represents the amount of minutes it took Michelle to drive to work, then write and expression in terms of t for the amount of minutes it took Michelle to drive home from work. (b) If the... more

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