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Can someone answer part B?

A quadratic equation is given. f(x) =1+x−2 x2 (just the two is under the square root) (a) Use a graphing device to find the maximum or minimum value of the quadratic function f, correct to two... more
Quadratic Function Math Algebra 2 9th Grade


Math - Problems Involving Quadratic Functions

PROBLEM A: Johnsen is standing on a 4ft-high wall and throw a ball into the air with an initial upward velocity of 40in/s. Its height h in inches after t seconds is given by the function... more
Quadratic Function Precalculus


If the parabola 𝑦 = 𝑥 2 undergoes the transformations: reflected over the x-axis, translated 5 units left and 2 units down, and compressed vertically by a factor of 1 2 , what is its new equation?

If the parabola 𝑦 = 𝑥 2 undergoes the following transformations: reflected over the x-axis, translated 5 units left and 2 units down, and compressed vertically by a factor of 1 2, what is its new... more
Quadratic Function Math Algebra


Write a quadratic function whose zeros are -13 and 2

Please Help Me!

A hotel entrance makes a parabolic arch that can be represented by the quadaratic function, y= -x^2-8x+24, where y is the height of the arch and x is the distance from wall to wall in feet. What is... more
Quadratic Function Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Algebra


Quadratic Function

Solve x^2 - 12x = 0. I do not know how to solve this because there is no third term.
Quadratic Function Algebra 2 Afda


AFDA quadratic equation problem

The height, h, (in feet) of a baseball that is popped up into the air is a quadratic function of the time, t, (in seconds), since it was hit. An equation that may model this situation is h(t) =... more
Quadratic Function Algebra 2


Find two quadratic functions, one that opens upward and one that opens down

Given the x intercepts (-4,0) and (4,0) find where they open upward and downward.


Quadratic Functions

Last year the Sports Time Athletic Club charged $20 to participate in an aerobics class. Seventy people attended the classes. The club wants to increase the class price this year. They expect to... more
Quadratic Function


Word problems about quadratic functions

Her father wants to make a small rectangular fenced in area for his children to play in the backyard He has 60 meters of fencing material to cover three sides of the area with the house acting as... more


real world problem using f(x)=x^2+2 quadratic function

i need to know the real life problem related to this function help me plz.

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