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9th Grade Algebra Algbra 1 9th Grade Math


If you will be driving 204 miles, how many gallons of gas will you need?

need help struglleing with math history and science and english 
9th Grade Algebra 9th Grade


How many hours are in 7 weeks?

In class we are Converting Units using Dimensional Analysis, and i need help with these questions.
9th Grade Algebra


Solving Real Life Word Problems

On January 22, 1943, the temperature in Spearfish, South Dakota, fell from 54F at 9:00 a.m. How many degrees did the temperature fall?
9th Grade Algebra Algebra 1 Word Problem


Algebra 1 _ Is there enough information given to determine the amount of memory used by a single picture taken with the camera. Elaborate why or why not

Camera capable of recording 30 second videos at the same time he takes pictures. Each picture takes up the same amount of space and so do each 30 second video. The table shows the number of... more

A school is planning a field trip for 142 people. the trip will use six drivers and two types of vehicles : buses and vans. A bus can seat 51 passngers.

A van can seat 10 passengers. Write and solve a system of equations to find how many buses and how many vans will be needed
9th Grade Algebra Alegebra Homework Math Help


A student is pricing two different picture packages.

John’s Photo World charges a one time sitting fee of $125 and $2 for each photograph ordered. Sam’s Picture Emporium charges a one time sitting fee of $140 and $1.50 for each photograph ordered.... more
9th Grade Algebra


Solve: 1 over x-a= 1 over a-y and x+y over x-y =a

This problem is an equation.
9th Grade Algebra


Sarah and joe have a combined age of 41. Sarah's age is 7 years less than 3 times joes age. How old is Sarah ?

It's math 1, 9th grade  
9th Grade Algebra Sin Cos Tan


Find a value for theta

Find value for Theta?   sin (theta/3 + 20) = cos theta
9th Grade Algebra Math Algerbra 9th Grade


how many of each type of ticket did you sell?

you are selling tickets for a high school ply. student tickets cost $4 and general admission tickets cost $6 . you sell 525 tickets and collect $2876.
9th Grade Algebra


How many of each animal are there ?

There 17 anim in a barn. Some are chickens some are pigs. There are 58 legs in all. How many of each animal are there?

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