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Find three consecutive integers such that the sum of the first and the third is 57 less than 5 times the second.

It's a world problem-solving. You have to find the three consecutive integers


College Algebra

Find C and a so that f(x)equalsCa Superscript x satisfies the given conditions.f(0)equals13, f(1)equals39


Write a function rule for the area of a triangle whose base is 4ft more than the height. How does the area of the triangle change as the height changes? Explain

My teacher wants me to find the equation in the word problem and to explain how the area changes if the height is also changed. But im stuck on the equation part.


twenty-seven times K is H squared decreased by 9

whats twenty-seven times K is H squared decreased by 9  


Domain written in interval notation for f(x)=√(10x-14

Find the domain written in interval notation. And the domain written as an inequality 


How did you get 0.835 when you combined terms?

The price of a swimming pool has been discounted by 16.5%. The sale price is $1210.75. Find the original list price of the pool.


0.0113 = X × 10–2 Enter the correct value for X. (please use 4 decimal places in your answer)

I need help answering this. I know x = 1.13 but they want me to use 4 decimal places to answer it? I don't know how to do that.


how do I find slope intercept form

Through: (-3,2), Slope:undefined


Briana needs $73 more dollars to buy the bike. Molly needs $65 more. What is the price of the bike?

Briana and Molly want to buy the same model bicycle. Briana needs $73 more dollars to buy the bike. Molly needs $65 more. If they combine their money, they will have just enough to buy one bicycle... more


algebra/ question

Express -2x/[(x+1)(x2+1)] as a sum of partial fractions and hence write [x4+x3+x2-x]/(x+1)(x2+1) as a sum of partial fractions.


Whitney's two student loans totaled $14,000. One of her loans was at 5% interest and the other at 7%. Whitney owed $850 in interest. Amount of each loan?

Final exam tomorrow. I can't figure out these review word problems for the life of me. 


Let f(x)= 5/x and g(x)= 2x^2 + 5x. What 2 numbers are NOT in the domain of f o g?

A. 0,-5/2 B. 0,-2/5 C. 0,2/5 D. 0,5/2


Which value of x satisfies both -9x + 4y = 8 and -3x − y = 4 given the same value of y?



I can grade these quizzes in 2 hours. My wife can grade them in 5 hours. How long will it take us to grade them if we work together

Professor in college asked us this question. And his wife teaches 5th grade 


Algebra question

Karla has a collections of nickels dimes and quarters that amount to $10 dollars.  If there are 140 coins and twice as many dimes as quarters find the number of nickels


solve for x: (x/2x+6)-(1/x+3)=1

need step by step so I can learn to do it myself. Thanks


An investor invested a total of $5,200 in two mutual funds.

I've been having a tough time with this one. Every time I work the equation out it is either a negative amount, or is much larger than the original invested amount. Please Help. An investor... more


How many possible outcomes are there for this?

I am providing a "decision tree" for my website developer - as he builds a "calculator" on our site. If there are 3 questions, with these number of possible answers for each question - how many... more


Decide whether the given ordered pair is a solution of the given system.

(2,3)  x + y = -1  4x + 5y = 16


a number r is decreased by 13 is at most 15

can you please show me how to do this problem 


A boy's coins, consisting of nickels and dimes, amount to $2.15. If the # of dimes exceeds 3 times the # of nickels by 4, find the # of each coin

I don't understand the wording of the question, and how I'm suppose to make the equation


Linear equations word problems

if 3 is added to a number and the sum is tripled, the result is 27 more than the number. Find the number.


John fenced his backyard using 550 feet of fencing. The width of his yard is 10 feet less than twice the length.

I have to wrtie an equation that can be used to determine the dimensions of his yard. Please help, I’m desperately stuck on this one.


Is there any way to assign a word to be a variable and if so, how would I write it so something like 'write' appears as one variable and not 5?

Say if I would write out an equation such as '10 + WRITE = 0, find WRITE' is it possible to use a word as a variable instead of a letter?  So WRITE is not broken down into 5 separate variables?
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