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Is there any documentation on the creation of Article 1 Section II of the US constitution?

I'm doing some personal research on the electoral college as it has been becoming more and more relevant in modern US elections. I've seen tons of people talking about how it was designed to... more

How long would it take to travel from England to the colonies in the early 1700s?

I am working on a history project for school and cannot seem to find information on the length of a journey on a ship from England to the Charleston area of South Carolina in the early 1700s... more

How tall was George Washington?

I am currently reading [*George Washington: A Life* by Ron... more


How long did it take for a diplomat to travel between Berlin and Vienna in the 1770's?

I was reading the Wikipedia entry for [the War of the Bavarian Succession](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_of_the_Bavarian_Succession), and it said (my emphasis): > For some historians, the... more


How did people apply for university in the 18th century?

Universities have been around for a while. I am reading a book called Frankenstein. One of the main characters, Victor Frankenstein, attends the University of Ingolstadt in Germany. Now, it... more
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What was the Seven Years War called at first?

When the Seven Years War broke out, obviously they had no idea how long it would last. What did Europeans call this war at first? I know that in the North American Theater, it was called the... more
18th Century Humanities


18-19 Century Essay, help needed

"Nationalism (define the concept) permeates both the Neoclassical and the Romantic styles (and to a degree the Realism period as well - when it takes a turn for the worse) of the 18th and 19th... more

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