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Why are you here?

Do you want to get extra assistance now so you can pass your next English class effortlessly?Would you rather be playing video games now but your parents are forcing you to focus on your school... more
Tutoring Music Theory Adhd


Specific Tutoring for ADHD Brain

Hi there,I am looking of someone to help me in Music Theory, but am afraid of the challenges they may face with my ADHD. It requires patience and an open mind for teaching methods. Do you know... more

How does a Deaf student get tutoring in Math?

I'm a sign language tutor and a deaf student is requesting tutoring in Math under "Sign Language" It is because he needs an interpreter in math. Is there a way to provide interpreting services... more


Becoming conversational in Spanish

How long will it take for me to become conversational in Spanish?


I am a certified teacher. I'm looking to become a tutor/instructor. I can't find the drop-down menu for that.

I want to apply and download my resume.


Becoming a tutor

How do I apply to become a tutor. In the past my son and daughter used my account, but I have since updated it to reflect my info. Would love to tutor in math and grammar/writing!

Working as an Online Tutor

Greetings, I am interested in working as an online tutor at Wyzant.


I am a tutor. How do I get my profile onto Wyzant?


math question

an = (-1)^n/5n+4, n=1,2,3 . . .   (the n is supposed to go under the a but i don't know how to put it that way through typing)


Suppose that $2000 is loaned at a rate of 11%, compounded semiannually. Assuming that no payments are made, find the amount owed after 5 years.

Do not round any intermediate computations, and round your answer to the nearest cent.


A chemical company makes two brands of antifreeze. The first brand is 20% pure antifreeze and the second brand is 70% pure antifreeze. In order to obtain 180 -

gallons of a mixture that contains 40% pure antifreeze, how many gallons of each brand of antifreeze must be used?


If shanti drives 78 mile in 1 and a half hours.how many miles can she drive in 2.5?

She drives at the same speed


what is the probability that the marshmallow is green?

Kyle’s bowl of cereal has 5 blue marshmallows, 2 yellow marshmallows, 3 pink marshmallows, and 4 green marshmallows. If he picks one marshmallow at random, what is the probability that the... more

What is Sec pi/12?

I need help to find the exact value of sec pi/12 and rounding to two decimals places. Please explain


Iam a tutor I want to offer classes

Iam a tutor.I think i have a student account now.How can I change it?
Tutoring Algebra Math Help


Algebra help

A plane flies 405 miles with the wind and 315 miles against the wind in the same length of time. If the speed of the wind is 20 mph, find the speed of the plane in still air.


I have a small company and sometimes I have to get tutors is there a way to get tutor and be paid by my company?

Hi I have a small company and sometimes I get request for tutors.  Is there a way to get tutors and be paid by my company.

I need help with a word problem. Matrix form of system of equations

I am having trouble with this word problem. I need to find the profit of both the San Francisco and Los Angles store. In January, the Left Coast Bookstore chain sold 700 hardcover books, 1,400... more


how often should my child see a tutor

How many times a week should my 10,yr old son see a tutor ?


In need of Statistic Tutor San Jose

Hello I am in need of a statistic tutor in San Jose.  I am currently attending San Jose State struggling to find an available tutor for tomorrow. Please get back to me asap.  Thank you!!

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