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Tutoring Tips Math Algebra 2


Find a polynomial f(x) of degree 4 that has the following zeros. 9, 2, 0, -4

Tutoring Tips Math Algebra 2


math question

an = (-1)^n/5n+4, n=1,2,3 . . .   (the n is supposed to go under the a but i don't know how to put it that way through typing)
Tutoring Tips Math Algebra


Suppose that $2000 is loaned at a rate of 11%, compounded semiannually. Assuming that no payments are made, find the amount owed after 5 years.

Do not round any intermediate computations, and round your answer to the nearest cent.
Tutoring Tips Math Algebra 2


A chemical company makes two brands of antifreeze. The first brand is 20% pure antifreeze and the second brand is 70% pure antifreeze. In order to obtain 180 -

gallons of a mixture that contains 40% pure antifreeze, how many gallons of each brand of antifreeze must be used?

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