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Practice Problems Algebra 2 Mathematics


What equation, together with y= -1.5x + 3, makes a system with one solution?

Is it:A. y= -1.5x + 6B. y= -1.5xC. 2y= -3x +6D. 2y + 3x= 6E. y= -2x + 3
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please help?? this question is worth half my grade and i do not understand it.

Tajimaby Miss MitfordOnce upon a time, a certain ronin, Tajima Shume by name, an able and well-read man, being on his travels to see the world, went up to Kiyoto by the Tokaido. [The road of the... more
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If shanti drives 78 mile in 1 and a half hours.how many miles can she drive in 2.5?

She drives at the same speed
Practice Problems Math


it took Sam 10 minutes to complete 12 math problems if he works for one. Five more hours at this rate how many problems will he have done

i am having trouble with this problem can someone help me 
Practice Problems Advance Math Helpo Advance Class


Look at the Following 2 Problem needs Help

If u > v and t > 0, which of the following are true?   a. ut>vt b. u+t>v+t c. u-t>v-t   which of the following is the greatest?   a. 2/3 b.7/9 c.10/15 d.8/11
Practice Problems Algebra Fraction Problems


Fraction Help 2 Problems

if a/b = 3/2, then 8a equals which of the following?   a. 16b b. 12b c. 3b/2 d. 8/3b   20% of 3 yards is how many fifths of 9 feet?   a. 1 b. 6 c. 10 d. 15
Practice Problems


An investment of $29,000 was made divided into 3 parts for 1 year. Part 1) earned 8%, 2) 6%, 3) 9%. =$2250. Part 1 earned 4x more than part 2.

An investment of $29,000 was made by a business group. The investment was split into three parts and lasted for one year. The first part of the investment earned 8% interest, the second 6%... more
Practice Problems


A car has a 15 gallon gas tank. If a car gets 32 miles per gallon and travels 384 miles, how much gas will be left in the tank?

this is a question involving a math word problem for a practice test
Practice Problems


What is 3x-12 divided by x^2-5x Then TIMES this by 7x/4-x.... Thank You!

What is 3x-12 divided by x^2-5x Then TIMES this by 7x/4-x.... Thank You!

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