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the religious revival that swept through the colonies was called

 need the answer 


Write an equation ​(a) in​ slope-intercept form and ​(b) in standard form for the line passing through ​(−2,4) and parallel to x+3y=5.

I am stuck on this question on MyMath lab and keep getting it wrong. The last question they had me add 5 to both sides but I am so lost and I got the answer wrong " -x/4 + 17/4"  Can you PLEASE... more


Realestate algebra

If a man has 6 acres of land and deeds 3/4 of it to his son and the remainder to his neice, how many square feet of land dies the neice acquire? 


f(x)=x^2, but shifted 2 units to the left, nine units up, and reflected in the x-axis

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My number has a tens digit that is 8 more than the ones digit zero is not one of my digits what's the answer

My number has a ten digit that is 8 more then ones digit zero is not one of my digits what's the answer


WHat is the average of these 5 amounts

190,258.50 152,698.00 122,753.00 220,523.00 231,951.00


Two and six hundred ninety seven thousandths in expanded notation

I need help with this math solutio.. can anyone help me out???


Find the constant of proportionality in this situation. What does it means for this situation?

In 25 minutes Li can run 10 laps around the truck. Consider the number of laps she can run per minute.


Michal earned $40 last week. He spend 3/5 of his earnings on a video game. How much did he spend?

it doesnt make any sense to me   


What are 3 name of the common denominators 1/3 and 1/2

I need help with the question I asked for my homework


how many different ways can she arrange the ribbons?

jessica has won six ribbons at horse competitions and wants to arrange them in a row on her bedroom wall.


A chemical company makes two brands of antifreeze. The first brand is 20% pure antifreeze and the second brand is 70% pure antifreeze. In order to obtain 180 -

gallons of a mixture that contains 40% pure antifreeze, how many gallons of each brand of antifreeze must be used?


When the sum of 4 and three times a positive number is subtracted from the square of the​ number, 0 results. Find the number.

help help help help help help help help help help help help help


Word form help

A=4b3-7 can be written in word form How


A photo of a painting has a scale of 3 inches = 2 feet. If the photo is 7.5 inches long, how many feet long is the painting?

The following choices:   A: 45 B: 1.25 C: 11.25 D: 5


How did u get the 540

 I do not understand how and where the 540 comes from?


Jonna has a board that is 6 feet long. she cuts it into pieces that are 1/4 foot long. how many pieces can she cut

I need help on how you cut the pieces in 1/4.


Can someone explain this to me?

If y=2(x+3),then -4x-12 must equal? a) -2y b) -y c) -1/2y d) 1/2y


Washington Construction built 12 ranch houses

Washington Construction built 12 ranch houses for $115,000 each. From the sale of these houses, Washington received $1,980,000. How much gross profit (Sales − Costs = Gross profit) did Washington... more


physics questions about normal wieght

a car is going over the top of a curvature approximates a circle of radius 91m. Of what velocity will the occupants of the car appear to weigh 24% less than their normal weight or their normal... more


at recess Amy ate 1/4 of a bag of chips best a 2/3 of that was left how much of the bag of chips was eaten? How much was left?

I need help with math work because I struggle in math


i need to know what the product of a number and seven more than the number is.

i need to translate it to an algebraic expression
1 3 4 5 6

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