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-11x - 10y = 17 and 5x - 7y = 50

X and y have a sum of 20. The value of y is four times as big as the value of x

I need to find the value of x and y

The number y is 3 more than 5 times another number x. Their sum is 51.

Hey there! I've always had troubles with word problems, so if you could, please explain it step by step.

Systems of Equations

How many solutions does the linear system -8x+2y=6 and -4x+y=3 have?A) 0B) 1C) 2D) 3E) Infinitely Many

creating a system of equation

Daniel is choosing between two cellphone plans. "Plan A" charges $80 per month, which includes unlimited text messaging. "Plan B" cost $20 per month plus $0.15 per text message. What is the system... more

Systems of equations

Here's the question. The dimensions of the rectangular foundation of a house is represented by the expressions (x+5) and (x-4). The area of the foundation can be represented by y+20 and the... more

q 1 solving systems of equations by substitution, can you help me?

y=7/4x-3y=4 (please ignore this part, i needed 30 characters, and my question only had 11)

turkeys and chickens

it takes 8 turkeys and 12 chickens 10 hours to eat a certain amount of grain, while it takes 6 turkeys and 8 chickens 14 hours to eat the same amount of grain. find the time it takes 1 turkey... more

what is jeans and daves equation

jean leaves the trailhead at the dawn to hike 11 miles towards the lake where her friend Dave is camping. at the same time, Dave starts his hike towards the trailhead so that he can meet jean... more

At a fundraiser breakfast, the bill for three glasses of orange juice and five pancake specials is $8.40, whereas the bill for one glass of orange juice and two pancake specials is $3.25.

Write a system of two equations to model this problem. Let g stand for the price of a glass of juice and let p stand for the price of a pancake special. Use the method of your choice to solve the... more

You burn 20 calories per minute biking for x minutes and 10 calories per minute walking for y minutes. You spend a total of 90 minutes biking and walking and burn 1300 calories.

Write a system of equations to determine how much time you spend on each exercise.How many minutes did you spend biking?

How many of each did he buy?

Bob bought 22 stamps if the stamps were 22$ and some were 29$.And all in total he spent 540$ how many of each did he buy?

Mixture problems

A mixture of metal power aluminum and iron oxide that has 12% aluminum and another mature that has 45% aluminum powder. How much of each do you need to make together to get 50 kg of thermite which... more

System of equations word problems

The frosty ice cream shop so Sundays for two dollars and Banana splits For three dollars. On a hot summer day the shop sold eight more Sundays them banana splits and made $156. You systems of... more

Systems of Equation

Dwayne made 14 baskets helping his team win.his 2 points and 3 point shots totaled 37 points. How many of each did he make? I dont understand this it makes no sense
1 3 4 5 6

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