Tam D.

asked • 04/06/22

System of equations question!

Afternoon. I'm struggling to understand where to really go with this question! It reads as follows:


"A lot of people have taken to baking as a pandemic interest. You’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon to create your own line of treats. A popular website contains simple recipes for tarts, bread, and cookies. The website claims that :

Each unit of tarts requires one unit of eggs, one unit of sugar, and one unit of flour.

Each unit bread requires two units eggs, three units of sugar, and one unit of flour.

Each unit of cookies requires two units of eggs, two units of sugar, and three units of flour.

A quick assessment of your own pantry shows that you have a total of 17 units of eggs, 19 units of sugar, and 20 units of flour available for conversion into these delicious goodies. (a) Write down a system of equations for the number of units of tarts (t), bread (b), and cookies (c) to summarise the information assuming that all ingredients are completely used."


The best I can think to start off is something along the lines of

t= e+s+f



This specifies the variables needed to produce a particular product but beyond this, I'm pretty clueless. Any nudge in the correct direction would be much appreciated.

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