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Elimination Method Math Math Algebra


Math systems of linear equations and applications

The sum of two numbers is fifteen. One less than three time the smaller is equal to the larger. Find the two numbers.use either the substitution method or elimination method to solve.include a let... more
Elimination Method Math Algebra


please help i am not sure what i am doing wrong/incorrectly !

Solve the system of equations by the elimination method:{−9x−11y=108x+10y=−8
Elimination Method Algebra


The numbers line? The money line?

A group of friends attend a zip line adventure birthday party. Each person pays $40 for the zip line pass, and they order a bunch of pizzas for $10 each. If the total bill for the party was $1100,... more


Really need help with this word problem

The phone company charges you a different rate for the first minute of a call then each additional minute. You see on your bill that a 12 minute call costs $2.03 and an 18 minute call costs $2.81.... more


Use substitution and elimination method.

Substitution: y=x2-6x+9                      y+x=5     Elimination: y=x2-11x-36                   y=-12x+36
Elimination Method


I’m not sure if I’m supposed to distribute

3(x+1)- 4(y-1) =13 5(x+2)+ 2(y+3)= 0
Elimination Method


Solve with elimination please

a/6+ b/4 = 5/2 2a/3- b/2 = -2
Elimination Method


Solve with elimination please

1/5(x + 2y) = -2  x/4 - 3y/2 = 15/2

Solve System Of Equations

I have a question on how to simplify this system of equations. If a free variable is needed please use the parameter t.   4x-y+z=6 2y+6z=36 x+z=6   Thank you!
Elimination Method


Maricella has a bag containing 35 nickles and quarters. The total value of these coins is less than $2.50. What is the maximum number of quarters that meets the

I'm doing a math project and can't figure out the two equations needed! Maricella has a bag containing 35 nickles and quarters. The total value of these coins is less than $2.50. What is the... more
Elimination Method


Solve the system of equation using elimination

3x=2-7y and -4x=30-7y
Elimination Method Math Equations Math Word Problem


The sum of two numbers is 36. Their difference is 24. Calculate the numbers

Just a little confused on this math question need help on how to do it with steps explaining 
Elimination Method


pleaase help

Question PartPointsSubmissions UsedDuring one month, a homeowner used 200 units of electricity and 140 units of gas for a total cost of $86.60. The next month, 210 units of electricity and 200... more
Elimination Method


Elimination problem

A winter clothing store had a sale and Cory bought two pairs of gloves and four hats for $43. Mark bought two pairs of gloves and two hats for $30. How much did each pair of gloves and each hat cost?
Elimination Method Dimensions


The perimeter of a rectangle is 30 meters. The length of the rectangles is 3 meters more than twice the width. Find the dimensions of the rectangle.

This is an elimination word problem that involves finding the dimensions of a shape.
Elimination Method


Hardcover books cost $4 each and paperback books cost $2 each, she spends $26 for 8 books. How many hardcover books did she purchase?

Using elimination method 
Elimination Method


seven hot dogs and four hamburgers cost 13.00; four hot dogs and seven hamburgers cost 14.50. Find the cost of one hot dog and one hamburger.

Use elimination method? I keep getting it wrong.


How to solve and what's the answer to the problem?

Colombian  coffee beans cost $5.50 per pound, while Peruvian coffee beans cost $4.25 per pound. We want to mix the beans together so as to produce a 40 pound bag, costing $4.60 per pound. How many... more
Elimination Method Fraction


Systems Question- Elimination

Here are the equations: 1/2x+1/3y=-4 1/5x+1/5y=-2   Can someone solve this using the elimination method?   Ty!!


Solve by elimination: 3x-2y=3 and -6x+4y=-6

Whenever I try to solve this I get 0=0. I don't know what that means or if that's correct. Please help.
Elimination Method


Solving a System of Equations Using Elimination

4x+3y=15 8x+9y=15
Elimination Method



Substitution Form:2x-3y=2 x+y=-1x+y=-1 Elimination Form: 2x/3 - 4y/5 = 1 and 3x-y=-7
Elimination Method Substitution Method Substitution


Substitution/Elimination Form

Substitution Form: 2x-3y=2 x+y=-1 x+y=-1   Elimination From:  2x/3 - 4y/5 = 1 and 3x-y=-7
Elimination Method College Algebra


Gaussian elimination

solve using gaussian elimination with matrices  x+y-3z=4 4x+5y+z=1 2x+3y+7z=-7
Elimination Method College Algebra


Gaussian elimination

solve using gaussian elimination x+3y+4z=1 3x+4y+5z=3 x+8y+11z=2

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