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Substitution Method Calculus Derivatives Antiderivatives


Use substitution to find all the antiderivatives of the function

g'(x) = 30 (ln x)9/x
Substitution Method Calculus Antiderivatives


Use substitution to find all antiderivatives of the given function

h'(t) = 32t3 et^4
Substitution Method Math Math Algebra


Math systems of linear equations and applications

The sum of two numbers is fifteen. One less than three time the smaller is equal to the larger. Find the two numbers.use either the substitution method or elimination method to solve.include a let... more


Really need help with this word problem

The phone company charges you a different rate for the first minute of a call then each additional minute. You see on your bill that a 12 minute call costs $2.03 and an 18 minute call costs $2.81.... more
Substitution Method Math Prealgebra


Need help with this?!

Mohammed and Ali are selling pies for a fundraiser Mohammed sold 3 small pies and 11 large pies for a total of 203 Ali sold 11 small pies and 11 large pies for a total of 220 Determine the cost... more
Substitution Method Algebra 2


How do I solve the system by the method of substitution?

Solve {-x-y=-7, x^2-y=-5
Substitution Method Math Algebra 1 Equations


Substitution Method Equation

Can someone please solve this ASAP? Thanks :)(I need a larger and a smaller number)"The sum of two numbers is 45. The larger number is 9 more than the smaller number. What are the numbers?"


Use substitution and elimination method.

Substitution: y=x2-6x+9                      y+x=5     Elimination: y=x2-11x-36                   y=-12x+36
Substitution Method


please can u show me step by step how to answer this question

Josie wants to buy Internet access. One service provider charges a flat rate of $34.95/month. A second charges $25/month plus 33 cents/h. For what number of hours per month should Josie choose the... more
Substitution Method Algebra 1 Honors


Find the value of X and Y.

At a college bookstore, Carla purchased a math textbook and a novel that cost a total of $54, not including. If the price of the math textbook, m, is $8 more that 3 times the price of the novel, n,... more
Substitution Method Applications


how much does he have in each account if he earned a total of $1,230 in interest in 1 year?

Mr. Wilson invested money in two accounts. His total investment was $30,000. If one account pays 6% in interest and the other pays 3% in interest, how much does he have in each account if he earned... more
Substitution Method


Substitution Method Help

How do you use the substitution method for this problem? It's: 2x-1/2y=-3 and x/5+2y=19/5. The slashes signify that they are fractions.
Substitution Method


Bag of Nickles and Quarters

Maricella has a bag containing 35 nickles and quarters. The total value of these coins is less than $2.50. What is the maximum number of quarters that meets these conditions? Im doing a math... more
Substitution Method


Use substitution method to solve the following system of equations. y = 2x -3 x + y = 1

Use substitution method to solve the following system of equations.y = 2x -3x + y = 1
Substitution Method


solve by substitution

5x-4y=9 x-2y=-3
Substitution Method


y=6x and 2x+3y=-20

have to use substitution 
Substitution Method


I want to know how many first class tickets did she buy and how many coach tickets did she buy

Sarah took the advertising department for her company on a round trip to meet with a potential client. Including Sarah a total of 13 people took the trip. She was able to purchase coach tickets for... more
Substitution Method Math Help Asap Please


-8x + 5y = -6 and -3x + y = -4

How do you solve this by using the method of substitution? I need to know what x and what y is. 
Substitution Method Algebra 1


How do you solve y=2x-2 and y=x+2 using substitution?

Use substitution to solve.
Substitution Method


how do I turn a word problem into an equation

recall that two angles are complementary if the sum of their measures is 90 degrees. find the measures of two complementary angles is one angle is eight times the other angl
Substitution Method


juan is trying to decide which parking garage to use

Bargain garage charges a flat fee of $2 plus $4 per hour. Grey's garage charges a flat fee of $8 plus $2 per hour. For how many hours will the cost of parking in either garage be the same, and what... more
Substitution Method


Tara wants to buy a charm bracelet. Wildgrove Fine Jewelry charges $14 per charm, plus $31 for the bracelet. Nelson Jewelers, in contrast, charges $15 per charm

Tara wants to buy a charm bracelet. Wild grove Fine Jewelry charges $14 per charm, plus $31 for the bracelet. Nelson Jewelers, in contrast, charges $15 per charm and $28 for the bracelet. If Tara... more
Substitution Method System Of Equations


Substitution/ System of Equations help?

A scientist has two solutions, which she has labeled Solution A and Solution B. Each contains salt. She knows that Solution A is 35% salt and Solution B is 95%salt. She wants to obtain 180 ounces... more


Am I doing this right?

Kai takes off from parking structure 1 at 3:00 PM, driving north. One hour later, Jacob takes off from parking structure 1, too,  but he had south, and his speed is 15 mph more than Kai's. At... more
Substitution Method


how much does one donut and one cup of coffee cost

On Monday, Harold picked up four donuts and two large coffees for the office staff. He paid $4.66. On Tuesday, Melinda picked up five donuts and five large coffees for the office staff. She paid... more

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