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Addition Method Algebra Systems Of Equations


Solve the system by using the addition method.

(1)   x2+y2=16 4x2+9y2=36   (2)   x2+y2=17 x2-2y2=-31  

solve this system of equations

x+3y=-5 9x+30y=-48
Addition Method


Elimination method

Using the equations : y= 75x+200 and y=125x I need to solve them using the elimination/addition method. 
Addition Method Substitution Method Alegrba


There is an initiation fee to join the Pine River Country Club, as well as monthly dues.

The total cost after 7 months' membership will be $3,175, and after 1.5 years, $4,110. Find both the initiation fee and the monthly dues.

How much should she allocate to each investment in order for the yearly incomes from them to be the same?

the lottery winner who is going to invest in utility bonds and a savings account using the following data: Assume that her total winnings are $ 200000, that the utility bonds will pay 3 percent per... more

In how many years will the sales of the two companies be equal? What will be the sales of each company when they are equal?

about the sales of the ABC and XYZ companies using following data: Assume that the ABC company has sales of 4670000 dollars and it's sales are growing at a rate of 30000 dollars per year. Assume... more

solve for x and y

x+3y=7 6x+21y=51

solve for x and y

x+y=-1 x+2y=0

solve for both x and y

x+4y=-1 12x+51y=-12

solve for y

x-2y=5 x-2y=5

solve for y

x-2y=3 3x-6y=9
Addition Method


addition method -5x+4y=2, 10x-8y=4

Give your ordered pairsolution in solution set notation.If the systemhas dependent equations, give solutionset in set-builder notation
Addition Method


addition method 5x-5y=20, -3x-2y=-12

 can you solve this one with steps because I still don't understand it?
Addition Method


can someone solve this problem with steps for me ?

Nancy and Adriana use a metal alloy that is 16% copper to make jewelry. How many ounces ofan 11% alloy must be mixed with a 24% alloy to form 130ounces of the desired alloy?2x2 System:
Addition Method


addition method -5x+4y=2, 10x-8y=4

can you show me the steps please?
Addition Method


Put a digit from 0-9 in each blank so the addition is correct. Use each digit only once

Put a  digit from 0 to 9 in each blank so the addition is correct. use each digit only once.   ___+___+____
Addition Method Substitution Method


DJ A service charges a $200 setup fee and $75 an hour after that. DJ B service chargers no setup fee but costs $125 an hour

Set up equations for both of the services using x and y. determine the variable and provide an explanation for why you chose what you did,   Solve the system using the graphing method. graph the... more
Addition Method


A mason can build a retaining wall in 10 hours.

A mason can build a retaining wall in 10 hours. With his apprentice assisting, the wall is built in 6 hours. How long would it take the apprentice alone to construct the wall?
Addition Method


Solve the system of equation by the addiction method.

6x+y=-5 4x-2y=-86
Addition Method Math Algebra 1


the y-coordinate of the solution to the system shown is _____. 5x + y = 6 & 5x + 3y = -4

Addition Method - Algebra I
Addition Method Math Algebra System Of Equations


Solving the system of equations by the addition method?

How do you solve?: 8x-3y=9 40x-15y=18 Thank you!

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