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A student buys a sandwich at lunchtime from the school canteen for $4.20

A student buys a sandwich at lunchtime from the school canteen for $4.20 and pays the exact amount using 50 cent coins, 20 cent coins and 10 cent coins and the student pays the cashier with 22... more


Can you be a preschool teacher & go to school to be an pediatrician

Im trying to figure something out about life


Can some one please help answer this math question for me!!

Maria plays tennis only on Fridays. She plays basketball every third day. if Maria plays tennis and basketball on Friday, how many days will it be before she plays tennis and basketball again on... more


If I have 83.64% in a class but get 0 on a project, which is 20% of my grade, what is my grade?

Please respond urgently, I'm stressed out about this ):


You graph a system of linear equations and the solution appears to be (3,4). How can you verify that the solution is (3,4)?

I was not at school. I need some help because they took notes and I was not there, and so they assigned homeowkr and I do not know what to do.


What does it mean to solve a system of equations?

 I need help with this because i missed school and got homework but I do not know what to do.


I need help with x-factor puzzle solving! Anyone can help! (Algebra)

So I am in Pre-ap Algebra 1 in the 9th grade and I have been sitting here doing my homework working on this one problem and need lots of help on the x-factor puzzle solving.  So the top number of... more


there is a ratio of 5 girls and three boys 24 boys how many boys

I need an answer please


Write an equation of the line that passes through (0,-5) and (-5,-5)

What would I do here?


Write an equation that passes through (0,8) and (6,8).

What would I do here.


The sum of 4 consecutive even numbers is 36 what is the first number in this sequence?

I need help on this I don't know what I doudhddhdhfhfhfjfhfhfhfhfhf HD HD hchc Uchida hchchchvhchchchchchchchchchchhc, I am not a big difference between the the the, which was not the same thing as... more


The sum of triple a number and six is that number decreased by seven

Its confusing and I need help.


The difference of twice a number and five is sixty-three

I don't understand


The product of a number and twelve is the sum of that number and eleven.

Its confusing


If 9 times a number is decreased by 32, the result is 4 less than 16 times the number. Find the number

I need help with this problem, it is kind of confusing for me to understand.


Math 3 Honors

A paperback sells for $12. The author is paid royalties of 10% on the first 10,000 copies sold, and 15% on any additional copies. When the 6000th book is sold, how much will the author earn on that... more


Is it possible to transfer to another college with a different major choice?

I'm currently attending a community college for a New Media Technology major in NY, but when I finish community college, I want to transfer to a 4 year college for a animation major. Is that... more


How long until they they are together again at the start/finish line?

Jan and Tyrell are running laps for exercise on a circular track. Tyrell takes five minutes (or 300 seconds) to complete a lap around the track. Jan takes 2 and a half minutes (or 150 seconds). If... more


a shirt cost $15. Elsie sells the shirt for $y profit. How much does Elsie sell the shirt for? Express the answer in terms of y

 a shirt cost $15. Elsie sells the shirt for $y profit. How much does Elsie sell the shirt for? Express the answer in terms of y


Do radio waves have the longest wavelength?

My questions that I'm asking are just to help me because I seem to struggle to answer the questions :/ but I'm hoping this will help me.  


Danny is installing a fence around his rectangular yard.

 His yard is 20 feet long by 45 feet wide if the fence he picked out cost $25 per foot, how much money with Danny spent on the fence? 


what do i need to score to get atleast a 70?

my year grade right now is a 75. my final exam is worth 5%. what do i need to score on the final exam to get atleast a 70?


Hey i have exams next week my current grade percent is 76.00 and the test is 20% of my grade what will i get is i get 10% on it?

Please i really do not want to fail my grade i need help on this please help me anyone. HELP!! I dont want to fail this tri.

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