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When a number is substracted by its square, the result is 42. Find the two possible solutions.

I end up with this format: x-x*x=42 is it correct?
Hard To Do Math


computer normally cost $500 is on sale for 10% off. If a salesperson makes a 5% commision on sales how much wouldd it cost

it is hard to understand and it is a lot of work
Hard To Do Math


A 20-foot flagpole casts an 8-foot shadow. At the same time, an oak casts a 12-foot shadow. How tall is the oak tree? *

algebra1 high school math really hard to figure out. need the answer really fast and it has to be correct.


Related Rate: Ladder Problem

A ladder 10 ft long rests against a vertical wall. If the bottom of the ladder slides away from the wall at a rate of 0.6 ft/s, how fast is the angle between the ladder and the ground changing when... more
Hard To Do Math Logic


What is a set of 7 different numbers that has a median of 93?

Math problem that requires logic and understanding of Algebra. 
Hard To Do


Reece pays $240.00 every 3 months for car insurance. At this rate how much will Reece pay for 3 years of car insurance.

im having just a little bit of trouble
Hard To Do


In the UK, Petrol costs £1.24 per litre. In the USA, Petrol costs $3.15 per US gallon. Was petrol cheaper in the UK or in the USA

Plz Help In need halp on Homework

elementary school hard math

jane, andre, and maria pick apples. andre picks three times as many pounds as maria. jane picks two times as many pounds as andre. the total weight of the apples is 840 pounds. how many pounds of... more


Devaughn is 12 years younger than Sydney. The sum of their ages is 52 . What is Sydney's age?

I'm finishing up math and the semester ends tommorw! I will take all the help I can get, thank you!!
Hard To Do #superhard


If someone has 3 coins in their pocket, but none are nickels, how can you get to 55 cents?

I cant figure it out!!!!!
Hard To Do


jack drove 44 1/2 miles. he used 1 1/4 gallons of gasoline what is the unit rate for miles per gallon?

i don't get it 
Hard To Do


52 blocks per 2hours

52 per 2 hours what is the unit rate so hard for a kid who was absent when t talked about rates
Hard To Do Math Help Percentage


The town of Maxwell increased its annual budget from ​$1,400,000 to 1,800,000 find the percent increase in the budget

The town of Maxwell increased its annual budget from $1,400,000 to 1,800,000 find the percent increase in the budget?
Hard To Do Math Geometry


The general notation in geometry is that points are labeled with capital letters and coordinates are defined with lowercase letters.

Given the two points A(x1, y1) and B(x2, y2) what do the subscripts on x and y represent? If triangle ABC is a right triangle with C being the right angle, find expressions for the lengths of all... more
Hard To Do


Gabby bought 4 pens and 5 pencils for $6.71. Sydney bought 5 pens and 3 pencils for $7.12. Find the cost of each.

Gabby and Sydney bought some pens and pencils. Gabby bought 4 pens and 5 pencils for $6.71. Sydney bought 5 pens and 3 pencils for $7.12. Find the cost pf each.
Hard To Do 3rd Grade Math Problem


What is the difference between A,D,E,G,H and B,C,F ------and how are they alike

I was helping my sister with her homework and I found this math question that me or my little sister could find the answer too,and I got no stinking clue what it could be. I would love it if some... more


Question Help

Terell has a water purifier for backpacking. It will purify 1 liter of water in 1 minute. How long would it take Terell to purify enough water for 4 canteens that each hold 750mL, and two that each... more


Very Hard Algebra Question

I Found an uncommon linear equation from my math book   Given :  X1 + 4X2 + 9X3 + 16X4 +25X5 + 36X6 +49X7 = 1 4X1 + 9X2 + 16X3 + 25X4 + 36X5 + 49X6 + 64X7 = 12 9X1 + 16X2 + 25X3 + 36X4 + 49X5... more


If you can help that will be great!

A cargo van is carrying 20 identical steel cylinders. Each cylinder contains compressed oxygen. Altogether, the cylinders weight 1/2 of a ton. a. In tons, what is the weight of each cylinder? b.... more

Ms. Pierce bought a camera that cost $450. In addition, she had to pay 4% sales tax. How much did Ms. Pierce pay for the camera?

This math equation is something i have been given. I am in 6th grade failing terribly XD will anyone help? 
Hard To Do Vocab


I need help with my vocabulary hw it's a page we haft to do

I need help with my vocab hw   

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