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A bakery uses 8.1 kilograms of flour each hour. How many kilograms of flour will the bakery use in 7 hours?

I need to know the answer please.


Pre-Algebra Story Problem.

A store window has a perimeter of 18 feet. The width is 6 feet. Find the length and the area.


What does average at least a 65% on the midterm and final combined mean?

I got a 52% on the midterm can I still pass the class 


what are some fun facts about the midwest reigon

im lookig for intresting facts about the midwest  


Can a beginner cello player join a high school orchestra If she practices over the summer?

I really want to join an orchestra when I go to HS this year but I still have to learn the instrument I might start learning in a month I really really love practicing so you think even tho I m a... more


The perimeter of a rectangle is 54 cm. If the length is 2 cm more than a number, and the width is 5 cm less than twice the same number, what is the number?

The perimeter of the rectangle is 54 cm and the length is 2 cm more than a number. The width is 5 cm less than twice the same number.


School tuition is $ 76,000 for 3 years. How much tuition would it be for 2 months

.School tuition is $ 76,000 for 3 years. How much tuition


Solve the following word problem

For every part produced by a factory, there are 5 ounces of scrap aluminum that can be recycled. There are 16 ounces in 1 pound and 2,000 pounds in 1 ton. How many parts must the factory produce so... more


what is the gcf and distributed property to express the sum as a product. 40+15.

I need help. This is not like kindergarten 1+5. I mean gcf and distributive property of 40+15. I don't get it... 


what if i have a 67 as my final grade and i make a zero on the final exam which is worth 20%

just want to know so i can see what he grade will be 


Physics electricity - electric force, potential, field, PE

True statements about the relationship between the electric field and electric potential include which of the following?    I. If the electric field at a certain point is zero, then the electric... more


all words and titles are capitalized

I need To no this answer because I have a test coming up and I need to study


what were the key issues in the Geisinger Health System Case Study

what were the key issues in the Geisinger Health System Case Study


I need help to make a spanish presentation about a famous celebrity.

I have gotten a task to make a spanish presentation about a celebrity, and i have no idea how to do that (in spanish). so a site that is better than google at translating would be useful or just... more


What does the word periodic mean?

Science and Vocab.


Mendeleev noticed that patterns appeared when he arranged the elements in what way?

Physical Science.


What is the atomic mass of an element?

Physical Science is hard and boring.


What did Dmitri Mendeleev discover in 1869?

I need help with physical science. It is hard. my mom is too busy to help.


math help please

72 is what percent of 480? Write and solve and equasion to solve the problem.


How can I win the Cohen vs. Virginia case by being on the Cohen side?

This is for a debate we are doing in AP US History, and I don't necessarily have to win, but I need some good points to get people to question why they should let the Cohen brother's off. Also any... more


math problem

in a typical deck of 52 playing cards, the 4 of hearts card has 6 hearts on it, not 4: 4 hearts in the center of the card and 1 heart in both the upper left coner and the lower right conor. how... more


How can I get my parents to let me do online k-12 school?

I am thirteen and go to a great school. It is renowned as the best school in the county. I have asked my parents repeatedly and only got no. They say, "Why would you need to? You go to the best... more

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