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What is the distributive property for 2(3x+1)

I dont know how to solve


3(n-5) In the distributive property

What is 3(n-5) in the distributive property?
Distributive Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Algebra


3(4+3r) distributive property

In some answers the correct answer is with number with the variable being first and sometimes the number without the variable being first. why is that


what is the gcf and distributed property to express the sum as a product. 40+15.

I need help. This is not like kindergarten 1+5. I mean gcf and distributive property of 40+15. I don't get it... 
Distributive Complex Algebraic Conjugate


complex numbers

The Number System is built in stages to facilitate the four basic operations. It is extended to complex numbers to facilitate the computation of square roots of negative real numbers. All you need... more

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