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Is your weighted total your actual grade?

Let's say your total grade is 64% but your weighted total is 74%. Is your "real" or "true" grade your weighted total or your total grade?

Will bad grades in Semester 1 of Freshman year of high school have an affect on college acceptions?

During freshman year, Semester 1 I received a C, 2 B's, and 5 A's. Semester 2 I had 1 B and the rest A's.Will the C affect my chances in getting to competitive schools for example the Naval Academy... more
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Calculating semester exam grade.

If my final exam is worth 7% if my grade and I have an 89 in the class how much will that effect my grade, If I get an 80 on the final?


world history grade

okay, so if i have a 67.06 in my world history class and i took a quiz and got 14/36 (this class does not do weighted grading) what would my end percentage be?
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Chances, I get into the program?

I have been waitlisted for the RPN/LPN program fanshawe London Campus I'm 21-30 on the waitlist and the program only has 94 seats. I don't think I'm going to get in.


If I have a 84.8 math average and I just got a 70 than what will my average be once the grade gets put into the grade book.

Because I just took a test and I got a 70 on it and I wanted to know what the average would be now that I had gotten that 70. 


About my work and grade

if i have a 78.93% and i have a assignment thats worth 50% of my grade how far will it drop if i get a low grade or 0 on it. 


If I earned 301 out of 365 what is the letter grade

Can you tell me what the letter grade would be for 301 out of 365?

when i add all my 4 marking period grades and divide by 4 i have a 70 in the class. final is worth 10% , is it possible to fail the class???

is it possible that i can fail the class, what would i need to score on the final to not fail the class
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What is the lowest grade for the 5th exam that he can get to earn a 90%?

Jay scored a 92, 87, 89, and 94 on the past 4 assessments. What is the lowest grade for the 5th exam that he can get to earn a 90%?


If I have 83.64% in a class but get 0 on a project, which is 20% of my grade, what is my grade?

Please respond urgently, I'm stressed out about this ):


Grades for college

If I got a 247 out of 360 what grade is that
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if i earn 241 out of 350 points, what is my grade?

This includes my final already.


If I have a 65 in a class than how does an 85 bring me down to a 64%?

I had a 65% in my class and i got a 85% and a 100% on a quiz that both counted as 40%, so how does that not bring me up?


If I have 80% last essay is worth 25%, and I need 72% to pass the class. What % do I need to get on the lady essay to pass the class

Want to know what grade I need to get on final essay to pass.


about school grades

If my grade is a 72 and i have a 150 points going in to it how high will it bump up  


If I have a 78 semester average in biology and my final is worth 20% of my semester grade then what is the lowest I could possibly get to end up with a 70

I have a 78 semester average, what must I get on my final to atleast not fail.

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