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how would I make a graph to compare in a sports game the team that scored first vs who won

I need to graph the correlation somehow but I don't know what to make my axis 


The model year of a vehicle and the amount of miles it has been driven

What is the correl between the year of the car and the miles drive? Is it positiv, negative or no correlation


how do i conduct correlation analysis for weekly data

Correlation analysis. I am conducting a pilit study analysis, where 40 teachers are taking a mobile app course and weekly twice they have to answer a questionnaire about the teaching strategies... more


What is this formula for in the mathematic point of view?

I have derived a formula and I wonder what formula is similar to this one in a mathematical point of view?   F = (X2 - Y2)/ (X - Y )2   Is there any formula that looks like this one and is used... more


I have two set of data from two groups with same treatment regime. is correlation possible between two?

It is an experimental study where 10 rats are given same treatment. then they are divided in two groups, A and B. A is used in a set of study giving value for variable X. B is used in another study... more


Jointly Distrubuted Random Variables

Let X and Y be jointly distributed random variables with correlation ρXY ; define the standardized random variables X ~ and Y ~ as X ~ = (X − E(X))/ Var(X) and Y ~ = (Y − E(Y ))/ Var(Y ). Show that... more


Draw a graph containing ten points that shows a strong negative correlation

Draw a graph that shows a strong negative correlation.


Correlation and regression coefficient

Hi, Does correlation coefficient decide regression coefficient? For example, if I'm trying to figure out the relationship between hours exercising and GPA between male and female students.... more


If there is correlation, is there causation?

Explain how.


If y is usually less than x, the correlation coefficient between x and y will be negative. True or false and explain

(A)If y is usually less than x the correlation coefficient between x and y will be negative. True or false. And explain (b). If the correlation coefficient is -0.80, below average values of the... more

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