Amy P.

asked • 09/29/20

Geometry Questions

Show the conjecture is false by finding a counterexample.

1. If the product of two numbers is positive, then the two numbers must

be positive.

2. The sum of any two prime numbers is always even.

For the given statement, write the if-then form, the converse,

the inverse, and the contrapositive.

3.The measure of a straight angle is 180°

4. A quadrilateral has four sides.

Make a valid conclusion in the situation

5.Ifx > 5, then x + 7 > 1 I. The value ofx is .8

6. If you save at least $150, then you can purchase a bicycle on sale.

You have saved $135.

I need help with these 6 geometry questions, i just need them to be solved so i can study from them and take notes

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David B. answered • 09/29/20

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Veteran High School Math teacher with 10 years of experience.

Raymond B. answered • 09/29/20

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