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SAT #9 Reading (Questions 26 & 27)

Based on the passage, Bottke and Levison's conclusions would be most weakened by a study that


SAT #9 Reading (Questions 22 & 23)

In McKinnon's view, Ceres differs from other objects in the asteroid belt in which significant ways?


SAT #9 Reading (Question 17)

The author quoted in lines 58-60 expresses which view of the study's results?


Solving Word Problems

At a concession stand seven hot dogs and four hamburgers cost $18.50. four hot dogs and seven hamburgers cost $20.00. Find the cost of one hot dog and hamburgerhotdog ____hamburger ____
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If 3 x − y = 12 , what is the value of 8x over 2y?

I am studying over an SAT and I came across this question. What should I do because I can’t recall how to.


Rational expressions and equations

Describe, in your words, the difference between a rational expression and a rational equation.


Difference quotient

In College Algebra we begin to work with and simplify the difference quotient, which is given by the formula f(x+h)-f(x) over h. Find the difference quotient for the following function by... more
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How many miles?

Without taking a single break, Mercedes hiked for 10 hours, up a mountain and back down by the same path. While hiking, she averaged 2 miles per hour on the way up and 3 miles per hour on the way... more
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SAT PREP question.

A restaurant has 15 tables that can seat a total of 78 people.some of the tables seat six people, while the remainder of the tables seat four people.How many tables seat six people.


SAT Algebra question (Heart of Algebra)

A landscaper is designing a rectangular fountain with a 4-foot-wide path around it. The equation A = 4p + 64 will relate the area A, in square feet, of the path to the perimeter p, in feet, of the... more
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Solving Systems Part 2

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Megan's summer job pays either $8.55 per hour or 20% commission on what she sells. Megan works for 10 hours and sells $450 worth of stuff on day one. On day two, she works 7 hours and sells $375... more
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Marie saved $3,500 in 2003. If each year after this she saves $625 more than the previous year, how much money did Marie save in 2011?
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Fraction Help

if  1 - 1 = 1 what is the value of x?     _   _    _      7   8    X
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What is the cost, in dollars, to ride x+y miles?

If a taxi ride costs d dollars a mile for the first x miles, and d+n dollars for each additional mile.   A. xd+(x+y)(d+n)B. (2x+y)(2d+n)C. (x+y)(d+n)D. xd+y(d+n)E. xd+yn
Sat Prep Math Precalculus


Which expression can be used to convert an old grade, g, to the new grade?

An old grading system describes grades from 0 to 10. New grading guidelines require that grades be entered from 50 to 100.    A. 5g B. g+50 C. g+90 D. 10g-50 E. 5g+50

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