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SAT #11 Reading (Question 49)

Which choice best describes the relationship between Passage 1 and Passage 2?

SAT #11 Reading (Question 46)

The author of Passage 2 would most likely agree with which statement about the development of teixobactin?

SAT #11 (Question 44 & 45)

The author of Passage 1 suggests that an advantage of the method Lewis's team used to grow microorganisms is that it [...]?

SAT #11 Reading (Question 41 & 42)

In the passage, Smith most strongly suggests that slavery affects the United States by [...]?

SAT #11 Reading (Question 32)

Smith's main purpose of the passage is to [...]?

SAT #11 Reading (Question 31)

The data presented in figures 1 and 2 best support the conclusion that compared with guppies from high-predation environments, guppies from low-predation environments were more likely to [...]?

SAT #11 Reading (Question 26)

Which finding, if accurate, would undermine Reznick's findings?

SAT #11 Reading (Question 21)

The first paragraph mainly serves to [...]?

SAT #11 Reading (Question 20)

Based on the description of Wegner's fourth experiment, what is the most likely explanation for the findings for the largest single group of participants represented?

SAT #11 Reading (Question 7 & 8)

Based on the artistic philosophy expressed in the fourth paragraph (lines 46-59), it is reasonable to infer that Precious Auntie would consider a hastily written first draft to be [...]?

SAT #11 Reading (Question 6)

The narrator indicates that the contrast between the ink-making studio at Immortal Heart village and her family's ink shop is that the ink shop [...]?

SAT #10 Reading (Question 43 and 44)

Based on the information in Passage 1, which area would be LEAST likely to be colonized by a fast-growing invasive plant species?


SAT #10 Reading (Question 23)

Over the course of the passage, the main focus shifts from a [...]?


SAT #10 Reading (Question 21)

The main purpose of the passage is to [...]?


SAT #10 Reading (Question 20)

The passage indicates that compared to men, women behave in ways that are typically more [...]?

SAT #10 (Question 12)

The author's central claim of the passage is that [...]?

SAT #10 Reading (Question 8)

When someone repeats the narrator's phrase "the greatest athlete in the history of Weequahic High" (lines 55-56), the main effect is to [...]?

SAT Reading #10 (Question 5 & 6)

A meaningful irony in the passage is that, while the narrator had admired the young Swede's accomplishments, the Swede [...]?


SAT #10 Reading (Question 1)

The main purpose of the passage is to [...]?


SAT #9 Reading (Questions 45 & 46)

It can be reasonably inferred from the passage that Martone's research interest in lignin should be considered [...]?


SAT #9 Reading (Question 43)

The passage is primarily concerned with [...]?


SAT #9 Reading (Question 40)

Which statement best expresses Henry's and Pendleton's respective views of the Confederation?


SAT #9 Reading (Questions 37 & 38)

Based on Passage 2, which statement best reflects Pendleton's view of the Articles of Confederation?

SAT #9 Reading (Question 33)

In Passage 1, Henry states that Virginia differs from other areas of the country in that [...]?


SAT #9 Reading (Question 32)

Which data presented in the table would McKinnon find most useful to his argument?

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