Don M.

asked • 08/26/21

Pendulum Problem

Directions: Complete the following problem showing as much work as possible.

You are considering installing a pendulum in the amusement park visitor’s center. The time it takes a pendulum to complete a full cycle or swing depends upon the length of the pendulum. The formula is given by T = 2 π √(L/32) where T represents the time in seconds and L represents the length of the pendulum in feet.

If the pendulum is 8 feet long, how long will it take for the pendulum to complete a full cycle? (10 points)

You’d like your pendulum to take 20 seconds to complete a cycle. How long will the pendulum need to be? Is this reasonable in your building, which is planned to be 20 feet high? (10 points)


Mark M.

Veiify that this is not part of a test/quiz/exam. Getting and giving assistance on such is unethical.


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