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Find the exact circumference of the circle and approximate the circumference using 3.14 as an approximation for pi (full circle)

The line goes through the whole circle and says 21 feet.The exact area is blank (feet, square feet, or cubic feet) (exact number in terms of pi. Integers or decimals for any numbers in the... more


Find the exact circumference of the circle and approximate the circumference using 3.14 as an approximation for pi

The dot is in the middle of the circle and says 38 yards.The exact circumference is blank (yards, square yards, or cubic yards) (exact number in terms of pi)The circumference of the circle using... more

What is the area A of the cross section of the column?

A building engineer analyzes a concrete column with a circular cross section. The circumference of the column is 18π meters.Give your answer in terms of pi


What is the fastest way to get the value of π?

I'm looking for the fastest way to obtain the value of π, as a personal challenge. More specifically, I'm using ways that don't involve using `#define` constants like `M_PI`, or hard-coding the... more


Math help please!

  shown below, .Prove .


Help,Please! Extra math help

 shown below has diameter  which intersects  at point and the measurements shown. Calculate the following measures:


Help, Please! Math ...

 is an equilateral triangle with side length 23 in. What is the area of the shaded segment? Round your answer to the nearest hundreth.


Help... extra practice

What is ?

Why are turns not used as the default angle measure?

Why is $2\\pi$ radians not replaced by $1$ turn in formulas? The majority of them would be simpler. If such a replacement was proposed earlier, why was it declined?
Pi Length


help me please i cant figure this out

A large pizza at Jake's Pizza has a radius of 7 inches. Find the length of the crust around the outside of the pizza. Use 3.14 for pi and round your answer to the nearest tenth. Please label your... more


How do I calculate pi starting with number close to pi like 2.57 or 3.11 or any random number as long as it is close to pi?

I know that there was a way to calculate, but i forgot it. Can you please help me.


Pi Day Problem

If the top surface of a particular slice of pie is a sector of a circle with a vertex angle measuring 20 degrees and the length of the arc is 3.14π units, what is the perimeter(left in terms of π)... more
Pi Algebra


How do you find the area of 2 inches

I need to figure out how to find the area of  2 in for a circle.


sin theta = 1/4 find theta+pi/6 in quadrant 2

i think the question said find exact solution? 


Is it true that it is impossible to divide a circle in half?

Given that pi cannot be divided in half, does it follow that circle can not be divided in half? If so, what implications does this have?


Solve the following in the interval of [0,2π)

1. 4 cos x * 2 √ 3 = 0 2. 2sin^2 x - sin x = 1 3. cos^2 x = cos x

Solve the equation: 2 sin(3θ)- √3=0, 0 ≤ θ< 2π.

Solve the equation 2 sin(3θ)- √3=0, 0 ≤ θ< 2π

find the exact value?

sin 450°, cos(-780°), and tan (37π/6)


Rotation of a cirle with the diameter of 34"

The diameter of the rear tire of this bike is 34". In low gear, you need to rotate the pedals 3x to make the rear tire rotate 360 degrees. How far will you travel in low gear each time you rotate... more


The surface area of a sphere is 46(pi) cm². what is the radius of the sphere?

This is an algebra 2 question, and I don't know how to approach it. 


The circumference of a circle is 282.54282.54 m. What is the approximate area of the? circle? Use 3.14 for p.

i need to know the answer for this problem  

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